Here’s A Look at Some of the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Justice League Sets.

Last month, we ran an article that shows how Warner Bros.’ next big DCEU instalment will look like in LEGO bricks. Thanks to a report (a.k.a. leak) by Nerdist News, we saw how key scenes in the DC Comics superhero film, Justice League, will play out and as it translates in LEGO pieces. Though the leaked LEGO set images have been circulating across all major LEGO blog and entertainment sites during that time, the powers-that-be saw it fit to put a lid on the issue and have asked us to remove our post on the said leaks and to send it to oblivion.

However, after more than a month of being mum about these sets, Promobricks finally broke the silence when it reported that the official German LEGO Catalogue for the second half of 2017 has been finally released. It is interesting to note that this most recent LEGO catalogue highlights some of the most anticipated films of the year which includes, as you may have guessed, Warner Bros.’ Justice League. Just in time for the film’s theatrical release on November 17, the July-December LEGO Catalogue features three LEGO sets dedicated to some of the key points of the film and some interesting twists as well.

WARNING: In case you haven’t read anything yet about any JL-related news, the following may present some relatively mild spoilers. I understand that this piece of news may either be exciting or disappointing due to some potential spoilers and depending on how you look at it. So if you’re not into this kind of stuff, then I highly encourage you to press the back button now (but of course, you may check the rest of our news and reviews). So with that being said, here we go.

First, we have the Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack (76086) which takes its cue from Batman’s latest addition of high-powered vehicles. We already caught a glimpse of the new Batride in action as it was revealed in a particular tunnel scene in the trailer. Knowing how much LEGO loves the Dark Knight and all of his gadgets and weaponry, it is a not a long shot to guess that the Knightcrawler may actually turn out to be an official LEGO set. As it turned out it is no longer a speculation.

lego katalog 2hy2017 3

The Knightcrawler is designed as a rough terrain vehicle of some sorts that can even maneuver in tight spaces as we saw in the trailer. However, the reveal of the Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack set image shows the reason why Batman is in the tunnels in the first place. As we can see, he is in pursuit of several Parademons and he is not alone in his assault. He is eventually joined and backed up by the Flash, whose minifigure version sports a new torso design similar to how he looks like in the film.

Next we have the Battle of Atlantis (76085) set that features Jason Momoa’s Aquaman  minifig. We have a hunch before that a particular scene from the underwater realm of the sea king will probably get the thumbs up from LEGO HQ’s top brass – and again as it turned out, our predictions came true. The set doesn’t really offer much of a spoiler since it is most likely that the Parademons are not just out there to wreck havoc above ground, but also under the sea as well.

lego katalog 2hy2017 2

Finally, we have what could be the biggest spoiler of a LEGO set of them all as far as the League is concerned. The Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack (76087) is by far the biggest set among the three, one with the most number of minifigs, and with the most epic reveal.

lego katalog 2hy2017 4

The Man of Steel is definitely back and he knows clearly where he stands. Warner Bros. kept a tight seal around the details of what happened next after Superman’s apparent death in Batman VS Superman, to the extent that early character posters of the League’s members did not include our hero from Smallville. 76087 offers solid evidence that Superman will indeed be back to kick some alien baddies. Another juicy reveal that comes from the set is our first look on the film’s main villain. Though DC’s Extended Universe has already teased on the overarching involvement of Darkseid as DCEU’s main villain, we get to see that it is Steppenwolf who will be on the frontlines (maybe). What is interesting about this set, as noted by Nerdist News, is the fact that the box art itself may suggest that this fight is not taking place on Earth but on Darkseid’s home turf: Apokalips. The hint comes from the alien-like jagged skyline that appears on the background of set 76087’s box art, very much unlike that of Gotham’s or Metropolis as we see them in earlier DCEU films.

Another interesting piece of ‘spoiler’ that these LEGO DC Superheroes Justice League sets offer is the unmistakable presence of the Apokoliptan hardware, the enigmatic Mother Boxes. Each set offers a different kind of Mother Box, with the previous Batman VS Superman film revealing how Cyborg is closely linked to one of them. It is interesting to see how these sentient super devices will play a very important role in JL’s over all plot.

lego mother lego motherlego mother


In any case, since the official LEGO Catalogue is now out, we’ll get more information about these sets (and hopefully more about the film) once LEGO officially reveal them next month and are made available to the general public in August. So what do you think brick fans? Are you excited about these sets as you are about the film? Let us know in the comments below.



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