Here’s How To Make Your Own Disney Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum LEGO Mosaic.

A few months ago, we featured 8-Bit Hero’s interesting versions of our favorite Marvel loudmouth Deadpool, and one of DC’s formidable supervillain, Bane. Recreated in a LEGO mosaic that boasts of a classic 8-bit retro look, these mosaics have proven to be a hit with our fans and viewers.

Our thanks once again to Joshua Hesselgrave of 8-Bit Hero for providing us with yet another pretty neat pixilated masterpiece pattern that we bet you’ll enjoy. Fans of the adorable plush collection of Disney Tsum Tsums will be glad to know that they can now come up with their very own Disney Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum LEGO mosaic with just a few simple bricks.

This is how our final build should look like after we’re done (look at the image below). For this, we’ll need the following 1×1 LEGO pieces, totalling to 330 pieces.


Black – 195 pieces                                 Pink – 2 pieces

300526                              brick 1x1 brigh pink



Dark Gray – 22 pieces                        Tan – 111 pieces

dark grey                           tan


You may opt to download and print the template below, or click here for a pdf version.

mickey-mouse-lego-mosiac-tsum-tsumLEGO tsum tsum

Watch Jason as he renders our world’s most favorite Mouse in this cool, time-lapsed video.


Be sure to visit 8-Bit Hero’s Facebook page for more examples of your favorite Disney, Marvel and DC characters rendered in their pixel-perfect, 8-bit versions. Do you have other Disney characters that you would like to see in their LEGO mosaic form? Share your thoughts at the comments section below or visit our Facebook page to join in the discussion.


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