Here’s What We Know So Far About The LEGO Spider-Man Homecoming Sets.

A couple of days ago, we shared with you one of the LEGO Star Wars ‘Easter eggs’ that was cleverly revealed during the release of the first official trailer of Disney and Marvel’s next big film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now being the second most trending video in YouTube with more than 15 million views already since it debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Thursday, we now have some information on what possible LEGO sets that we can expect from the film. Thanks to Delta Customs – whom many of his predictions turned out to be 99% accurate, especially regarding how the LEGO Batman Movie sets will look like – we now have an idea on what LEGO has in store for good ‘ol Spidey.


Understanding the very close relationship between Disney and LEGO, Delta Customs noted that there will be TWO sets that LEGO will release to give the highly celebrated MCU film the LEGO treatment it deserves. Here’s what he shared over his Instagram account.

Spider-Man Homecoming

Set #1

  • Bank robbery
  • Spider-Man and two robbers
  • The robbers have “Avengers in their names”

Set #2

  • Car
  • Spider-Man, Vulture (Big brick-built wings), Shocker, Iron Man

If you have seen the trailer already (which I bet you did for the Nth time), you’ll notice that pretty funny scene when Spidey confronts a group of certain bank robbers disguised as Avengers wannabes. Could this be what Delta Customs was hinting at? Actually, I feel that there is nothing much to speculate about the play features of a set based on a bank heist. But since this is everyone’s favorite web crawler, then I’m sure LEGO will give it a twist that every Marvel fan will enjoy.

spider man avengers thor

Upon the mention of the second LEGO set having a Vulture character with big, brick-built wings, I felt right away that this may be some kind of mech-build or armor that may be mounted on Vulture’s minifig. But given how the Vulture may look like as seen in the trailer, it begs the question of how LEGO will render this supervillain given all the tech that he has with him.

Vulture suit 1

It is also interesting to note that we see Tony Stark donning his Mark 46 suit at the end of the trailer, so it’s most likely that what Delta was referring to was the Iron Man minifig similar to what we already have in LEGO Marvel Superheroes Super Hero Airport Battle (76051). Of course, it’s too early to tell at this point, though it will be kind of cool to see a new Iron Man suit along Spider-Man in an epic battle scene with the Vulture and the Shocker.

spider man iron man mark 46


Spider-Man Homecoming is set to hit theaters in July next year, so we will still have a few months to ponder how these sets will be like, giving an account of what Delta Customs has revealed. What can you say about these predicted sets? Do you think LEGO and Disney could have done a better job? Share your ideas in the comments below or join in the discussions over at our Facebook page.



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