Images Out Now for LEGO Technic 2018 Set: Mack Anthem Truck (40278)

LEGO would like very much to be able to follow their child builders as they grow, and over the years they have developed several product lines that increasingly scale in complexity for older ages. Perhaps the most prominent line in this trend is LEGO Technic, with its new additions of gears for moving mechanics, and even motors to power said mechanics.

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Much like with their other products, LEGO has made deals with certain motor companies to have actual vehicles replicated as LEGO Technic models. The latest of these to add its name is none other than Mack Trucks Inc., and their first king of the highway to get a Technic set is none other than their very latest too, the 2017 Mack Anthem.

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The newest in a proud line of heady-duty haulers, Mack’s new Anthem is the successor to their Pinnacle sleeper on-highway tractor, most specifically the Axle back model. The LEGO set version, numbered 40278, is easily one of the beastliest large vehicle kits you can assemble out of LEGOs, especially in Technic.

42078 3

When LEGO says authentic Technic replicas, they sure mean it. The Mack Anthem 40278 is packing some of the most impressive mechanical functionalities ever designed for a Technic vehicle model. From support struts to mechanical cranes and arms, this kit’s got it all, and its sleek color scheme of black, grey, white and green is very eye-catching.

42078 7

However you might customize it, from container hauler to garbage collector, the Anthem 40278 from LEGO Technic will look snazzy all the same. It’s set to become available in January 2018, and is already available to order right now on the UK Lego Shop online, for €142,99.

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