More 2018 LEGO Creator Set Images Released!

Last October, we saw the first wave of LEGO Creator sets that are expected to hit toy stores next year. In fact, as we have reported on an earlier date, these sets have already started to appear at several Toys R Us branches. Jason and the rest of the Brick Show managed to get their hands on some of these sets as soon as they were available. Be sure to check out their awesome reviews right by clicking on the links below.

This time around, we now have additional images coming from Dutch online shop 2TToys, and Brickset that give us a glimpse of additional LEGO Creator sets that are scheduled to be released during the first half of next year. As it seems, we’ll be seeing more multibuilds and mini modular sets later on. Take a look.


Mythical Creatures (31073)

31073 1


Rocket Rally Car (31074)

31074 1


Sunshine Surfer Van (31079)

31079 3 31079 1 31079 2

Modular Winter Vacation (31080)

31080 2 31080 1 31080 4

One thought on “More 2018 LEGO Creator Set Images Released!”

  1. Hmm I am a LEGO vip member and I must say the sets I’ve seen for 2018 are slightly cheesy and lack imaginative details. The creator series are nice,lots of bricks , great detail. I have 8 lg sets and proudly have them displayed. Actually I’m going to post a picture on Facebook.more buildings and less ninja and Batman themes. Anyway I’ll continue to be a 56 yr old LEGO vip .

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