Is LEGO Dropping Some Hints About The LEGO Batman Movie 2018 Sets?

LEGO has recently uploaded an image on their Twitter page on what could be a teaser on the next wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets. If you recall, a rumor has surfaced two months ago on what could comprise the third wave of TLBM sets slated to be released early in 2018, and now it seems that LEGO has given out the first clue on how some of these sets may look like. Check out the Bat Segway!

The talk in brick town suggests that we will be seeing five (5) TLBM sets in 2018 which includes unnumbered sets such as Justice League Anniversary Party, Egghead’s Food Fight, Harley Quinn’s Cannon Ball Attack, Bat-Buggy, and the Bat-Space Shuttle. Interestingly, some of these abovementioned sets, including that of a modified Bat Segway called the Whirly-Bat (which is one of the many actual bat vehicles that Batman and Robin used in the comics), can be seen in some of the pages of DK’s The LEGO Batman Movie: The Making of the Movie. According to DK, some of the vehicles and contraptions that were seen in the Batcave in TLBM were built as actual LEGO sets, and the book itself may be giving away clues on how these Wave 3 sets may actually look like.

Bat Vehiclles

Here are some other snapshots from the pages of The LEGO Batman Movie: The Making of the Movie courtesy of The Brick Fan. From these images, it seems that Egghead will have the upper hand with his chicken-powered mech. Perhaps a team-up with Condiment King is in order?

The Making of TLBM 3

The Making of TLBM 2

The Making of TLBM

Now that the Bat Segway is out, it’s just a matter of time before we see the rest of TLBM’s Wave 3 sets. Keep tabs with LEGO in social media for more teasers in the next few weeks. Now I wonder if Tyler has something in the works… Bat-wise! Stay tuned!


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