Uniqlo to Release LEGO 60th Anniversary T-Shirt Line.

Yes, the year 2018 is the 60th Anniversary of LEGO as we know it best, a wide line of toy construction sets centered on their patented design of interlocking plastic building blocks. The LEGO brand has been considered so influential that it’s created its own subculture.

We’re already aware of many different products, promos and events that are tied into this milestone anniversary celebration, and how international its reach can be. Now another corner of the world has joined the bandwagon: Japan. Their major casual clothing label Uniqlo has launched a T-Shirt line for LEGO 60.

Starting February 12, Uniqlo shirts commemorating six decades of LEGO will be available on their brand stores and retail outlets in two locations, Hong Kong and Macau. The line’s expected to spread to other regions in Asia and the world, eventually. Just contact your nearest Uniqlo branch for a schedule.


These LEGO Uniqlo t-shirts are available in sizes for both “boys” and “men” in their labeling, but judging from the images I’d say they’ll easily pass for unisex, so female LEGO fans need not feel left out. You have to agree, these designs and their logos are pretty snazzy overall.

Check out more LEGO Uniqlo shirt previews on their official Facebook page for Hong Kong and Macau stores. I must say: the use of the Danish language for some of the designs lends these LEGO-branded casual wear a great deal of “authenticity” with the LEGO 60th Anniversary celebration. I can’t wait.

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