JUST IN: LEGO Chess 40174 Spotted.

After the reveal of the LEGO Brick Calendar 40172, Hoth Bricks has just shared an image of what seems to be another brick-built, board game by LEGO. Thanks to a tip by one of their readers, we now have this box art image of LEGO Chess 40174. Frankly speaking, and as far memory serves me right, this is the first LEGO chess board that follows a more purist approach in playing the game. All previous LEGO chess sets such as the Vikings Chess Set from 2006, the Castle Chess Set (852001) from 2007, the Castle Giant Chess Set (852293) from 2008, and last year’s Pirates Chess Set (40158) all comes with play features that definitely has a LEGO twist (and tons of minifigures as well). Though it may not be that appealing to many LEGO board game fans, the traditional black and white color scheme and design of the brick-built pieces make a great centerpiece of sorts. Based on the image below, the set is said to retail for 54.99 Euros or roughly $55 USD in the United States.


Since we can assume that this photo was snapped in a legit LEGO store or one of its affiliates, we can also expect to see this set make its official debut in most LEGO stores and at shop.LEGO.com anytime soon.



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