Our First Look at Yet Another Seasonal Set with the LEGO Easter Egg Hunt 40237.

Hot on the heels of the LEGO Romantic Valentine Picnic (40236) comes another set that seems to define the direction LEGO wishes to take with its 2017 seasonal sets. The LEGO Easter Egg Hunt (40237) has been revealed via Bouwsteentjes where we have our first look on its impressive box art.


Same as with the Romantic Valentine Picnic, the Easter Egg Hunt also follows a similar vignette-style of build, and comes with a lovely packaging that is intended to be a gift box as well. It features two minifigures, a chicken element, and a bunch of farm/garden-related pieces. I hope LEGO will continue to offer similar seasonal builds in 2017; it will be a great idea to build a sort of a yearly ‘seasonal’ diorama around this theme with all the year’s events captured in lovely, brick-built snapshots.

There’s no word yet about 40237’s piece count, however, for $9.99, we can assume that it may be around 120 to 140 pieces as well. It is expected to hit store shelves and at shop.LEGO.com either March or April next year.


Thanks also to Hoth Bricks for pointing this out.

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