Korean-Language LEGO Catalog Shows First Glimpse of Redesigned (and Renumbered) Architecture Las Vegas Set (21047)

LEGO Architecture has been on a roll with their releases of major city skylines in America and the world, although sometimes they might hit some stumbling blocks along the way. Case in point was their planned Architecture set of famous buildings in Vegas. It was delayed on account of needing to change one of its structures, the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

As you might recall, the Mandalay Bay was the site where a mass shooter attacked an outdoor concert with assault weapons on October 2017. LEGO thus decided to delay their Architecture Las Vegas (21038) while a replacement building was designed.

Apparently the redesign is done, according to another newly-uploaded online LEGO product catalog, this one in Korean. It even received a new set number – 21047 – and replacing the Mandalay Bay is another hotel, the Bellagio. The other structures remain unaltered, and the catalog reveals the set comes out in September.


To summarize, the buildings comprising the skyline for new LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21047) are: the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign; hotels Luxor, Bellagio and Encore; the Stratosphere Tower and the Freemont Street Experience. There appears to be no other obstacles for this set to finally be released very soon.

We’re very grateful to LEGO for starting to release their product catalogs (in different languages) covering the latter half of 2018, as they’ve been sweet sources on info for various sets that months before were merely talked about but not shown. Past articles with us were courtesy of the LEGO Denmark catalog, though it may have been uploaded too early as it’s been taken down.

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