Here’s How You Can Build Your Very Own Custom LEGO Iron Giant

If you’ve already seen Ready Player One, then I’m pretty sure that you didn’t miss that big fight scene including the iconic Iron Giant – that endearing piece of 90s pop culture produced by Warner Bros. Back then, the innocent charm and appeal of the mysterious space robot quickly caught the hearts of children and adults alike. Up until now, the Iron Giant has remained a cult classic among fans, and has even caught the attention of devoted AFOLs and builders in recent years. You may, or may not be happy on how Ready Player One referenced the beloved metal robot (with some reviews criticizing the fact that Spielberg’s recent film only exploited these pop culture symbols), but seeing a brick-built version of the Iron Giant will surely put a smile on any AFOL’s face.

Back in 2016, in honor of this award-winning classic animation, I featured a particular LEGO Ideas Iron Giant project by BrettCUV that renders his love for the gentle giant using the best medium that we ever have – in LEGO bricks. I love the idea of having a LEGO Iron Giant set, and together with other 10K supporters we rallied to support this project. Unfortunately, it never passed through the scrutiny of the LEGO Ideas Team during the Third 2016 LEGO Ideas Review Stage. Needless to say, the thought of recreating this piece of animation icon is something that I wanted to see for a very long time.

If you’re one of those brick-building folks such as myself that couldn’t hardly wait to see a LEGO Iron Giant become a reality, then you might be glad to know that Build Better Bricks (or B3) gives you the opportunity to build this intergalactic space robot. Master builders Sean and Tyler now offer their latest creation – a 818-piece, custom LEGO Iron Giant. Check out the video below.

B3’s custom LEGO Iron Giant is expertly built using more than 818 LEGO pieces that are predominantly gray in color. Standing in at an impressive 13 inches tall, this highly articulated MOC comes with a total 23 points of articulation, allowing for an impressive number of movement and a variety of poses.

IG Black 01 1024x1024

You can even add an optional Superman ‘S’ sign on his chest as you can see from the film. Alternatively, he can also turn out to be a seriously overpowered weapon of destruction especially with his blaster on hand.

IG Black 03 1024x1024
This custom LEGO Iron Giant can be a hero…
…or a foe.

The 800-plus pieces needed to build this custom LEGO Iron Giant is estimated to cost at around $80 – a fair deal if ever LEGO will turn this to an actual set. Choosing the parts needed for this version of the Iron Giant, as well as any other B3 projects, are carefully selected to ensure that they are readily available when needed. Couple it with B3’s creatively fun building instructions, then making your own custom LEGO Iron Giant is a snap. The building instruction to make this project comes in at 115 pages, available in digital, PDF format. Build Better Bricks is now offering these instructions for $12, and is quite a bargain already considering the size of this brick-built Iron Giant.

IGFly01 1024x1024

If you wish to make this set, just head over to B3’s website and check out how to buy the building instructions for this custom LEGO Iron Giant. Your purchase includes the building instructions itself, a parts list, and a handy file that you easily import to Bricklink.

Now, I just need to figure out how to put that dent on his head. Happy building!


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