Latest LEGO Rebrick “Your Brick Selfie Contest” Confirms 23 New BrickHeadz For This Year

A couple of days of ago, we reported on a recent LEGO Rebrick Contest that focuses on the most creative way of giving  yourself a LEGO BrickHeadz treatment. The Your Brick Selfie Contest gives you the chance to render yourself in LEGO bricks and make your very own BrickHeadz version of yourself. Like similar Rebrick contests, the selling point of these brick-building competitions are the prizes at stake. According to LEGO Rebrick’s contest page, the Grand Prize Winner will bring home not just this year’s first round of BrickHeadz sets, but also those that are yet to be announced – all 23 of them to be exact, with 12 of these being retailer exclusives.

Grand Prize Winner

Earlier last March, we also manage to stumble upon a rumor that gives us a hint on what these future LEGO BrickHeadz sets might be. We managed to see some of these, and a recent Reddit post somehow gives credence to what these 23 upcoming BrickHeadz are.  Here’s what we know so far, including their expected release dates, expected prices, and retailer availability. Some of these we have shared with you already.


41613 Mr. Incredible & Frozone, $19.99 (Exclusive)

41614 Owen & Blue, $19.99 US (Walmart Exclusive)


41610 Tactical Batman & Superman, $19.99 US (Exclusive)

41611 Marty McFly & Doc Brown, $19.99 US (Target Exclusive)


41615 Harry Potter & Hedwig, $14.99 US

41616 Hermione, $9.99 US

41617 Elsa, $9.99 US

41618 Anna & Olaf, $14.99 US

41619 Darth Vader, $9.99 US

41620 Stormtrooper, $9.99 US

41619 41620


41612 Steve & Creeper – $19.99 US (Exclusive)

41624 Mickey Mouse – $9.99 US

41625 Minnie Mouse – $9.99 US


41626 Groot & Rocket Raccoon – $14.99 US

41627 Luke & Yoda, $14.99 US

41628 Princess Leia, $9.99 US

41629 Boba Fett, $9.99 US


Though LEGO has already confirmed 23 upcoming LEGO BrickHeadz sets, the abovementioned list should not be considered as final until LEGO makes an official reveal. But in any case, which do you think among these LEGO BrickHeadz are the most promising? What LEGO BrickHeadz set are you looking forward to? Drop us a comment below.

Thanks to The Brick Fan for the heads up.

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