LEGO 60th Anniversary “Building Bigger Thinking” Sets Revealed for 2018.

LEGO is turning 60 years old in 2018 (reckoning from the patent date of the LEGO brick), and it’s already a sure bet that they would have some very special treats in store for when that time comes.

Back in August came the earliest hints of what LEGO plans to release in order to mark their anniversary; the answer finally comes in the form of special sets thematically called “Building Bigger Thinking.”

At first glance from the box pictures, they seem to be a motley collection of blocks and minifigures that could be assembled to form creatures, vehicles, and other brick-built figures following a theme as on the set name. The recommended age bracket gets quite the laughs too with the 5-99 range.

This information is courtesy of Hungary’s and via The Brick Fan. Five sets for the “Building Bigger Thinking” anniversary sets have been confirmed thus far:

Rainbow Fun (10401)

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Fun Future (10402)

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World Fun (10403)

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Ocean’s Bottom (10404)

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Mission to Mars (10405)


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Each of them includes a commemorative LEGO brick with “60 Years” printed on them. All in all, these sound like a great way to celebrate six decades of the most well-known toy brand in the world. Many thanks to LEGO.

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