New Speed Champions Sets Coming out in January 2018 from LEGO

Introduced in 2015, the LEGO Speed Champions theme seems geared to make young builders into car enthusiasts. This is due to the variety of real-world high-performance automobiles that have been translated into nifty models for the line, from Ferrari to Porsche to Bugatti. There were also awesome minifigures and play sets depicting racing elements like a drag race starting gate, pit stop and garage for speed champions 2017banner SpeedChampions Original RGB v1

Speed Champions has not been as sprawling and expansive as many other LEGO themes, but they’ve always wowed car fans with the accuracy of their automobile sets. And it looks like they’ve got a new wave of sets depicting vehicles that would be at home on shows like Top Gear.

  • 75884 Ford – 14.99€
  • 75885 Ford -14.99€
  • 75886 Ferrari – 14.99€
  • 75887 Porsche – 14.99€
  • 75888 Porsche – 39.99€
  • 75889 Ferrari – 99.99€

No less than six new sets are waiting in the wings to come out in early 2018, as revealed to us courtesy of Brickset by way of from the Netherlands. So far, only the set names and prices have been revealed, but our thanks to them both all the same for the advance info.

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