LEGO and Walmart’s LEGO60th Website Offers Brief History Lesson and Classic Set Promos.

Our coverage of the many events relating to the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick continues, this time, with more news of the partnership between LEGO and Walmart. We covered in a previous article some awesome retro LEGO sets now made available in Walmart stores, and now more details have surfaced.

An official website has been launched by Walmart and LEGO that presents a concise history of the world’s most iconic brick set brand spanning a period of six decades. also highlights some of the most important developments with LEGO with regard to its sets, including how its partnership with Walmart helped in promoting the LEGO brand.


Aside from that, LEGO60th also lays down the specific steps on how collectors may grab certain freebies that come with purchasing the LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll (10715) set. Not only does it work with Walmart branches, but with purchases made online through

When we wrote our previous article on these Walmart exclusives, the website was still having technical difficulties staying up, but it’s fine now and the procedure is up for all to see. Upon buying the LEGO Classic set 10715 from any Walmart store or ordering through, they need only to send a photo of their receipt form to to get the limited edition collectible booklet with retro building instructions for Bricks on a Roll. Bear in mind, however, that this promotion is only available for US residents 18 years old and above, and will run until March 9, 2018 or until supply lasts.

LEGO60th 2

The website also lists the official release dates for the LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary sets: House (4000028) on February 1, Windmill (4000029) on February 5, and the Truck (400030) on February 9.

4000028 1 4000029 1 4000030 1

A listing of other LEGO Classic products is also included for online ordering. Visit for the products on offer, and stay for the nice history lesson.

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  1. Hi, I was able to buy the house on the 2nd (it was sold out by that evening), but then I checked at 4 am on the 5th for the windmill, and it said sold out. Could it have really sold out in just a few hours? I’m hoping it’s maybe just not live yet!

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