More Nuremberg Toy Fair News: Create Personalized BrickHeadz with Go Brick Me (41597).

LEGO has always been about expressing one’s building creativity – whether working with bricks, minifigures or any other LEGO set that anyone can customize. Now it looks like fans of the chibi collectible theme, LEGO BrickHeadz, will also have some leg room in customizing their faved set.

Zusammengebaut, the German fan site covering the events as they happen at the LEGO booth at the 2018 Nuremberg Toy Fair, has just dispatched a new handwritten note concerning a new customizable LEGO BrickHeadz, aptly named Go Brick Me (41597).

When it was originally launched by LEGO, the BrickHeadz line seemed to be the brand’s attempt to take a page from the popular bobble head vinyl figures of Funko Pops. Most BrickHeadz releases have been depictions of popular characters from licensed franchises after all. You just needed to build them first.

The LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me (41597) set is going to be launched sometime in the summer, but whether or not it will take off on its own is still something of an open question. While fans and collectors have enjoyed the licensed characters given the BrickHeadz treatment, imaginative builders have taken BrickHeadz figures apart to create custom or original characters well on their own.

Given that token, a dedicated “make your own” LEGO BrickHeadz figure like Go Brick Me (41597) might come off as a superfluous extra. For now, until the new set takes off, one can simply purchase multiple existing BrickHeadz from stores or online and do their own customs by mixing and matching parts. We’ll see how that changes with Go Brick Me.

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