LEGO Announces Second Retail Store to Open in Shanghai This Fall

Here’s a new bit of news in LEGO’s continuing initiative to establish itself in China, one of the world’s largest toy but also as a battleground between genuine brands and knockoffs. Aside from partnering with local companies and even the state school system, they’re also expanding their reach in retail.

LEGO has announced that construction has begun on their second flagship LEGO store on Chinese shores. This one will go up in Shanghai, specifically at the People’s Square commercial complex in Huangpu, occupying about 585 square meters and be comprised of two stories. It’s expected to open by the fall.

Jacob Kragh, LEGO China General Manager, says that the development of the LEGO Store is part of their efforts to reach out to Chinese consumers. “It will bring more opportunities for Chinese children, parents and LEGO fans of all ages to enjoy high-quality engagement with the LEGO brand,” he said.

In addition, LEGO Brand Retail Senior VP Claus Flyger Pejstrup remarks to the historical importance of Shanghai’s People’s Square where the new LEGO Store will open. People’s square is a unique place,” he remarked, “but also is a key point of attraction for many visitors from all around the world.”

The first LEGO Store in China was opened as part of the shops in Shanghai Disneyland. The second will be the first branded retail store of the company to be out in the commercial district of a major Chinese city. Its opening will be a major milestone for LEGO China.

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