Another 10K Support Entry for LEGO Ideas’ First 2018 Review Stage: “Star Wars” Prequels’ Acclamator-class Assault Ship by Lucero

Thus far, we’ve covered quite the interesting selection of submissions to the LEGO Ideas platform which have gained the necessary 10K supporters and thus been included in the latest round of panel reviews for “official set” status: the First 2018 Review Stage. Now, we’ve got another addition to the list. 2349854 o 1acrqlohn1dch15ld1sme1qhjm4p7 thumbnail full  Our new LEGO Ideas 10K entry is one for the LEGO Star Wars crowd, and it’s a real beauty of a scale model. And no, it’s not an Imperial Star Destroyer, but a most likely predecessor. Ideas member Lucero has created an Acclamator-class Assault Ship used by the Galactic Republic.

You might recall in Episode II: Attack of the Clones that, following the investiture of emergency powers to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (*cough-Sidious-cough*), he pulled out a Grand Army of the Republic complete with Clone Troopers and these bad-boy ships to both ferry them across planets and engage in fleet actions.

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Lucero conceptualized the model in LEGO Digital Designer, a process that took him 60 hours total according to his project info. Its features include detachable hull paneling to reveal interior rooms – sickbay, engine room and so on – with room for minifgures and droids, though he mentioned no specific characters included.

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This Star Wars prequel-era vessel now joins the ranks of recent LEGO Ideas 10K passers like SR-71 A: The Final Flight, Modular Arcade, Tree-house, I am Amelia Earhart, Disney’s Stitch and several others. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Acclamator Ship stacks to the rest of these.

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