LEGO City Passenger Train (60197) and Cargo Train (60198) Official Images Released

LEGO never fails to remind us why they’re the best at helping children and builders of other ages to put together the city of their dreams. All through May, they’ve wowed us with one new LEGO City set announcement after another, from “capital” city centers to hospitals to railway lines.

lego 60198 city 3

That last part was already revealed last week, in the form of two LEGO City train sets, the Passenger Train (60197) and Cargo Train (60198). We got good photos of the two sets fully assembled, and now PromoBricks is showing us how they’re going to officially look in the 60197 city 2

It’s already been established that 60197 and 60198 both come with Power Functions 2.0 to make them go on their tracks, and they come with a new remote control scheme that, as the previous update already stated, will give operators fine-tuned controls over the Passenger and Cargo Trains once the Power Functions gets them rolling.

lego 60198 city 2

The LEGO City Passenger Train (60197) comes in at 677 pieces and will retail for $159.99, while the LEGO City Cargo Train (60198) will have 1,226 pieces and will have a price tag of $229.99. Both sets will be available in August.


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