New Gameplay Video of “Crime Wave” Missions for “LEGO Incredibles” Videogame

Much has been made to the latest LEGO videogame by Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros. Interactive, based on The Incredibles. It is after all the first LEGO game for the Disney-Pixar property, and they made sure to throw as many extras for its release, like a minifigure of Edna Mode.

We’ve already seen an initial gameplay video of the LEGO Incredibles videogame, which all told appears to have the player follow the general plotline of the first movie, premiered in 2011, as well as the sequel that, while arriving in cinemas June, has its storyline immediately starting from the previous.

Now, WB Interactive has released a new video detailing a gameplay feature for LEGO Incredibles: the earlier-revealed “Crime Waves”. It encompasses the bulk of important sub-missions inherent to LEGO videogames. The “city” game-hub’s been conquered and divided between the Incredibles’ super- foes. These “Crime Waves” missions involve clearing them out.

LEGO Incredibles will have the player controlling the super-powered Parr Family and their various super allies, each with their specialized powers, as they take on such colorful nemeses like Syndrome and the Underminer. And it’ll be done in classic LEGO game style defined by TT/WBI, but with a Disney-Pixar twist.

In a final summation, LEGO tie-ins to The Incredibles 2 are already released and can be seen on for online orders. The sequel movie, and the LEGO videogame, will come out at the same time on June 13 – at least in Europe; the NA release is on the 15th.

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