LEGO Creator Roller Coaster (31084) Coming in June, 2018!

UPDATE: Before LEGO secret agents come knocking on our doors, I opted to remove the confidential images below and replace them with blurred ones. May your eyes forgive me for this trespass.

After the reveal of the next wave of LEGO Speed Champions sets and the beautifully done LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313), here is another set to look forward to this Summer. Shared once more by mariopower.56 over on Instagram, we now have our first look at the LEGO Creator Roller Coaster (31084). Yes folks, you heard it correctly – we now have our very first, functional 3-in-1 Roller Coaster set from LEGO! I know I’m risking minifigure life and limb in posting this since LEGO’s brick police may soon be breathing down my neck – but I couldn’t help it: this set is just too awesome to ignore. Take a look.

blur scaled 01 31084

The LEGO Creator Roller Coaster (31084) follows a Pirates theme-park design, complete with a brick-built skull facade/entrance, and an overlooking mini-castle. I couldn’t figure much from the image, but as a 3-in-1 set, it is interesting to note that these tracks are convertible to a circular, continuous one and a single longer one.

blur cropped 1 01 31084

These new tracks elements were first introduced in the LEGO Batman Movie The Joker Manor (70922) and later on included as part of a race track in LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari Ultimate Garage (75889), the LEGO Creator Roller Coaster (31084) is the first set to fully utilize its potential as a LEGO element. I feel it’s long overdue, and I’m glad LEGO is gradually realizing its many possibilities. It will also be nice to see if LEGO can give the option of purchasing this set with Power Functions so you can motorize the entire build and see it come alive. We don’t have any information yet regarding its price point and number of pieces, but looking at the size of this set, it can easily pass for around $100.

Another interesting thing that is somehow related to the LEGO Creator Roller Coaster is the rumor that LEGO has been working on a larger Advanced Model of the Ferris Wheel. Now, this may be a long shot given that we still have the newer LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247) available in the market, particularly at However, looking at this box image, I couldn’t help but feel that LEGO might be giving hints on this, as it is fond of doing similar to the LEGO Star Wars set. Pay attention to the Ferris Wheel located at the top right corner of the box art.

blur cropped 2 01 31084

Now if LEGO is indeed hinting at the possibility of this Ferris Wheel to happen, then it is expected to be grander in scale as compared to set 10247, and since the older Ferris Wheel might soon be retired at the end of 2018, it is possible for this rehash to happen. Personally, I would rather opt for a larger, D2C Advanced Model of the Roller Coaster, and give fans two options to choose from: a smaller, LEGO Creator Roller Coaster (31084) and a larger, more grandiose (as Brian puts it) direct-to-consumer LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster.

So what do you think brick fans? Are you excited about this new LEGO Creator Roller Coaster set? Would you like to see a larger roller coaster set or are you OK with a Ferris Wheel instead? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, or head over at our Facebook page and join the discussion.


5 thoughts on “LEGO Creator Roller Coaster (31084) Coming in June, 2018!”

  1. Finally!~~!~! Long over due~! and with the 3 in one build I may have to pick up a few of these to really do up my amusement park~!

  2. If you want a REAL Lego style roller coaster kit you need to get the CDX Cyclone by Coasterdynamix. It’s a great kit and completely compatible with Lego. Reasonably priced too!

  3. I can’t see LEGO putting another ferris wheel onto the market so soon after the last one. Anything larger than 10247 would price it completely out of the market. If anything, I would hope there is a larger D2C Creator Expert Roller Coaster on the horizon.

  4. I think this Creator set is great. But we need something bigger to fit the ferris wheel and the carousel in the fairground theme… So i will wait until LEGO release the larger version 😉 Hope it comes this year!

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