LEGO Dimensions Sloth Minifigure Makes His Debut!

A couple of hours ago, LEGO Dimensions’ official Twitter page gave us a glimpse of how the Goonies iconic character looks like in his actual minifigure form. We already have an early glimpse on how Sloth looks like during this year’s E3 LEGO Dimension presentation. Here’s the video in case you missed it and watch out for him at around the 0:46 mark.

We do not have any further official images or description of Sloth as of now, but LEGO Dimensions’ Twitter post below is enough to keep us on our toes and be excited about how the next wave of LEGO Dimensions will take shape. Here’s the image that they shared.


For one, Sloth will enter the LEGO Dimensions portal in his own Level Pack as revealed by Travellers Tales’ Head of Design Arthur Parsons.

As you may have noticed, Sloth is wearing a Superman tank top reminiscent of what the character looks like during a particular scene in the film. The Sloth minifigure head piece is a separate element that re-creates the elongated form of his head with a small patch of hair on top. Take a look at the photos below.

chunk-and-sloth sloth-superman

For those of you who were wondering who the Sloth and Goonies, they are characters based on the 1985 hit comedy film composed of a ragtag team of juvenile adventurers who call themselves the Goonies. The film is centered on the Goonies’ quest to find the pirate’s treasure that will save their neighborhood from the impending construction of a golf course. In doing so, they get to meet a bunch of interesting characters, including the dysfunctional Fratelli family and their gargantuan member, Lotney ‘Sloth’ Fratelli. Though frighteningly disfigured and somehow slow on the uptake, the Goonies soon realized that the Sloth is a very valuable help and loyal friend. Watch the video below of some of the moments of the Sloth as he is seen in the Goonies 1985 film. Please mind some of the language spoken by the characters.


Currently, we have a total of 16 new IPs and licenses added to the roster of LEGO Dimensions, with characters from the titles like Beetlejuice, the Powerpuff Girls, and Teen Titans GO! still waiting to be revealed.


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