LEGO Disney’s “Frozen” BrickHeadz Sets Revealed: Elsa (41617) and Anna with Olaf (41618)

The snow glows white on the mountain (of upcoming LEGO products) tonight, because at long last the coolest Snow Queen and her oh so adorable little sister have finally revealed themselves…in LEGO BrickHeadz form, that is. It’s nice to finally put photos to the rumors, and they are just perfect.

If you’re wondering, the initial alert regarding LEGO Disney’s Frozen BrickHeadz was courtesy of a LEGO catalog from Poland. From that, we know of the official designations for the two sets coming soon: Elsa (41617) and a 2-pack of Anna and Olaf (41618). No release date was included but the best bet is around July.

From the look on the characters’ faces as translated into BrickHeadz, the details are rather spot on, save perhaps for Olaf wearing a neutral expression instead of a smile, and the lack of a white brick part to simulate the frozen streak in Anna’s hair.

And with that, LEGO Disney’s Frozen BrickHeadz sets join the other franchises to be confirmed over the course of the past several days. We’ve got three sets for Harry Potter (two of them 2-packs), two for Star Wars, and one 2-pack for Ghostbusters. It’s a great time to collect BrickHeadz.

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