LEGO Ideas 2017 Third Review Stage Picks One Winning Set: The “Pop-Up Book” by JKBrickworks

It was at around the start of this year when the LEGO Ideas Review Panel announced the candidates for the Third Review Stage of Ideas submissions from 2017. Seven entries by Ideas members vied with one another to become the next official LEGO set to come out of the platform.

On the last day of May, close to half a year since that heads-up from the Review Panel, they have finally made their decision. There would be only one winner from this batch, and considering the submission’s similarity (and lack of licensed franchise attached) to an existing LEGO promotional set, its selection was no surprise.

The winning entry that’s going to become a LEGO Ideas set is “Pop-Up Book” by Jason “JKBrickworks” Allemann and Grant Davis. From the looks of it you can see the resemblance to the promotional set LEGO Creative Storybook (40291), set to debut by next month.

lego store flyer mai 2018 0010 40291

Compare the Creative Storybook (40291) set above, with the photo of the winning set at the start of this article, and you’ll see that JKBrickworks’ Ideas entry is just the LEGO promotional set but a bit bigger. The fact that the “pop-up book” mechanism reliably works is another positive point.

And with that, the 2017 Third Review Stage for LEGO Ideas has come to an end. The next 10K-Support bunch, with 10 entries this time, is now being scrutinized in the 2018 First Review Stage which started earlier this month. Chances are we’ll get a decision before the year ends.

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