SPOTTED: New LEGO xtra Polybags Featuring Set and Minifigure Accessories

LEGO builders who own multiple sets in the vein of City, which has lots of buildings and minifigures, might have felt that they could do with having the option to buy more props and design options for their minifigures or set surroundings; but at the same time not have to buy a whole new set.

We’re not sure if LEGO managed to get this vibe from their customers or if they came up with the idea on their own, but now a new series of polybags have been spotted at Hamburg’s LEGO Store by Promobricks. They’re branded as LEGO xtra.

Promobricks tells us that these LEGO xtra polybags contain copies of various props that could be used to spice up a location scene in a LEGO City or similar set. There are vehicles, and food items, and shrubbery, and street infrastructure galore. Let’s have a closer look at these polybags.

  • Food (40309) – 30 pieces of pizzas, beer mugs, bottle-case, croissants, roast chicken, fish, carrots, etc.

  • Trees and Plants (40310) – 24 pieces of trees, shrubs, flowers, picket fences and so on

  • Traffic Lights (40311) – 46 pieces for traffic lights, wheelbarrow, broom and trash can

  • Streetlamps (40312) – 34 pieces for lamps (regular and with road signs), newspaper vending booth, mailbox and more

  • Bicycles (40313) – 21 pieces for bicycles, skateboards, riding helmets, backpack…

But Hamburg isn’t getting LEGO xtra all to itself for long. The news is that this new polybag line is going to hit more LEGO Stores on Friday, June 1. LEGO Store Hamburg priced them at €3.99 apiece, so that’s around $4.67 in the US. We’ll just have to wait.

Author: Albert Balanza

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