LEGO Ideas Project Spotlight: The Disneyland Map by Brickproject_7540

Disney and LEGO have been partners is the development of tie-in brick and minifigure merchandise for all ages, from this year’s Disney Princess sets to more recent BrickHeadz, plus the major subsidiary franchises of Marvel and Star Wars. Even their theme park landmarks get love in the form of some impressive scale model sets.

One member of LEGO Ideas decided to take LEGO’s official LEGO models for Disney theme park buildings to their logical conclusion by, well, building a scale model that incorporates a number of the most memorable structures in the Disney resorts from both Coasts. Builder Brickproject_7540 calls it the “Disneyland Map”.

As seen on the layout, this LEGO Ideas project is a rough theme park layout that’s a partial mishmash of landmarks from Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure, plus one from Disney’s Hollywood Studios from Walt Disney World. The result, interpreted in about 2,200 bricks, is both familiar and new.

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The component areas of this LEGO Disneyland Ideas entry are Disneyland Park’s Main Street USA, the Fantasyland with Sleeping Beauty’s castle to the back, paths to the left and right leading to Tomorrowland’s Space Mountain and Frontierland’s Big Thunder Mountain respectively, and then the extra locations of the Mickey Wheel from nearby DCA and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror from WDW’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Brickproject_7540 acknowledges the fantasy nature of this theme park layout; he even gave it the misspelled name of Dinseyland since it’s not yet sanctioned by the House of Mouse. Still, if the set does manage to get 10K support, and be lucky enough to pass review afterwards, then maybe Disney might deign to green-light this Ideas build enough to grant it the brand name.

We’ll have to see if it achieves that goal; though if you’re on LEGO Ideas and like the set, then visit Brickproject_7540’s entry page for the project. He even provided a 360-degree virtual tour of the set for any visitors’ enjoyment. It could give the Space_X Collection entry a good run.

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