LEGO And IKEA Collaborates For More Sustainable Manufacturing Materials by 2030

Denmark’s LEGO and Sweden-Netherlands’ IKEA caught quite a number of people by surprise when they announced a collaboration last week. What exactly they were working on was unspecified, other than that it was to foster “more creative play in a home environment”, according to their statement.

Now, as the week turned, it appears IKEA has something new to add to the previous announcement. It seems the world’s most recognized brand when it comes to ready-to-assemble furniture will be following its new partner’s commitment for “environmental sustainability”.

LEGO has pledged to start making bricks and elements made of sustainable materials in 2018. It began with using plant-plastic derivatives to fashion their green elements like plant and shrub pieces, with the ultimate goal of having all LEGO bricks be purely sustainable by the year 2030. IKEA has now matched that goal with their own promise to start introducing sustainable materials for their furniture products, by the same deadline too.


In fact, IKEA has already long begun its environmental sustainability transition years ago, and as of now about 70% of their entire furniture and related product range has renewable or recyclable parts. The 2030 mark is for IKEA’s 100% transition.

It’s interesting to note that IKEA made no mention of LEGO in its new statement of sustainability compliance, but one can’t help that there was some synergy between the two companies. For that we wish IKEA and LEGO the best in their environmentally sound initiatives, and will wait for more news on what exactly they’re up to for the future.

Author: Albert Balanza

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