The LEGO Incredibles Video Game Will Include Secret Playable Disney Pixar Characters

We’re just three weeks away before the release of LEGO’s and Disney’s biggest, super powered family both on the big screen and gaming consoles. And now we have some piece of news that hints on the possibility of having not just the members of the Parr family as playable in-game characters, but also some of Disney Pixar’s most popular animated characters as well.

As revealed by video game achievements site, True Achievements, it looks the LEGO Incredibles 2 video game will have a maximum of 51 in-game achievements, with a handful of secret achievements still waiting to be revealed. What is interesting about this roster of bragging rights is that it seems to tease on the possibility of seeing other Pixar names as playable in-game characters as well. The thumbnails for these achievements are super grainy so pardon me for if you have to squint a little.

The first one is quite obvious, with everyone’s favorite blue tang amnesiac swimming her way to LEGO Incredibles 2. The achievement’s description is very specific: “Complete an underwater race as Dory”.

LEGO The Incredibles Game Achievements List 3 lego incredibles 2 dory

This next in-game achievement spared the details, though it might hint on the possibility of having a roster of Disney Pixar characters available for play. The Truly Incredible trophy is available once the player completes all the family builds in the game.

LEGO The Incredibles Game Achievements List 21 lego incredibles 2 others

The trophy seems to hint on the characters from earlier Disney Pixar movies such as Woody (Toy Story), Bing Bong (Inside Out), Wall-E, Merida (Brave), and Russell (Up). Bricks to Life shares the following infographic so you can have a better look at them as shown in the in-game achievement list.

Image courtesy of Bricks to Life.

We’re not sure at this point what TT Games and WB Games have in mind with these character reveals, but we’re sure it will be pretty exciting. So what do you think?

The LEGO Incredibles 2 video game is now available for pre-order across major gaming consoles (Playstation, Xbox, and Switch), while Disney Pixar’s next big film, Incredibles 2, will hit cinemas across the US on June 15.


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