LEGO Pays Tribute to Female Racing Legend Danica Patrick

When LEGO promotes an upcoming set for one of their numerous themed lines, they have the potential to go all out. This latest instance is proof of their promotional muscle. Among the upcoming new sets for the LEGO Friends line is a subset featuring the characters as go-kart racers.

The LEGO Group decided to do a two-for-one by having a celebratory gesture for pioneering female motorsports star Danica Patrick, and a promotional plug for the LEGO Friends Racing sets which will be out later this year. Last Tuesday, May 22, LEGO master builders put up a life-sized statue of Patrick built in LEGO at Times Square, New York City.

Before making a splash in racing history for IndyCar open-wheel racing and NASCAR, Danica Patrick started her competitive racing career on go-karts, the central vehicle of the new LEGO Friends Racing sets: Service & Care Truck (41348), Drifting Diner (41349), Creative Tuning Shop (41351), and The Big Race Day (41352).

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LEGO Senior Director of Brand Relations Michael McNally puts it best saying, “Ms. Patrick is a true builder. From her earliest days as a young go-kart racer, she built her idea to be a challenger in kart racing…She is a phenomenal role model for all builders, particularly girls.”

As the LEGO brick has been an inspirational building tool for children, adds McNally, they felt it appropriate to make a LEGO brick-model tribute for Patrick this week before she embarks on her final appearance on the Indianapolis 500 this coming Sunday. The fact that doing so also advertises the LEGO Friends racing set was fortuitous opportunity.

The Summer LEGO set release, which also includes the aforementioned LEGO Friends in their racing gear and support infrastructure, will roll-out starting June 1st.

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