LEGO Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Sets Slated to be Released in May 2018.

It seems that there are plenty of new sets to keep under our LEGO radar once the first half of 2018 kicks in. Earlier, we learned that LEGO will be offering another line of City-themed sets, taking its cue from 2014’s Arctic Explorers. This teaser was announced via the German LEGO Catalog for the months of January to June, 2018, and this time around, Promobricks shares with us once again another page from the catalog that gives us an idea on when the next exciting sets will appear. According to the German LEGO fan site, the LEGO Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom sets will be out in the open also in May, 2018, as you can see from the image below.

lego jurassic world 2

A rough translation of the caption as seen in the above page says that “the sets will be available starting middle of May”, instead of April as we previously reported. There is no exact date mentioned, but we assume that we will start seeing official images of the LEGO Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom sets popping up towards the end of April. As listed by Brickset, we expect to see at least five regular sets under the theme, with hopefully some new dinos to go around.


Stay tuned here on the Brick Show for more up-to-the-minute LEGO news and updates. Thanks again to Promobricks for the tip.

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