Will LEGO City Arctic Explorers (Or A Version Of It) Return in 2018?

It seems that we’re getting more and more information on what’s in store with LEGO’s biannual LEGO Catalog. We already know that Ukraine’s LEGO Catalog already gave a hint at the release dates of the Marvel Superheroes Infinity War and Star Wars Solo sets, and this time around some of our friends from Promobricks managed to get their hands on a copy of the German LEGO Catalog which was reported to be distributed by other toy retailers in the region. Now traditionally, these January to June catalogs are not released in any LEGO Brand Stores earlier than the January, while other retailers may opt to distribute them early on. Such is the case with the Promobricks team, as they managed to get a copy of the LEGO Catalog from third party retailers ahead of its usual January release.

lego katalog 1hy2018 2

As such, we now have a glimpse on what LEGO has in store for the first half of 2018. One particular page in the catalog hints that a previous LEGO City subtheme is slated to be revived once more. Check out this page from the 2018 LEGO catalog.

lego city 2hy2018 2

For those of you who were particularly fond of LEGO City’s 2014 Arctic subtheme, you’ll be glad to know that the theme may eventually make a comeback albeit as a revamped version. The words on this page roughly translate from German as “Discover starting May 25, 2018 a new world of LEGO City at your retailer,”. The polar ice cap backdrop, together with the arctic explorer and husky, says it all. It seems like LEGO is on a roll with the introduction of newer wave of LEGO City sets, with the Mountain Police and Mining sets still very much at large in the market. However, considering the progression of these City themes, the revival of the Arctic subtheme seems to be a reasonable offering not being too far behind from the concept of the Mountain Police sets.

60036 1
The LEGO City Arctic Base Camp (60036) from 2014. Are we to see this theme getting a second wind in 2018?

So what do you think brick fans, are you excited about these recent developments with the LEGO City theme? Will this be another re-release of some sorts, or do you think we’ll be seeing a whole new range of sets? Frankly speaking, I’m not really fond of the predominantly orange color scheme on the 2014 LEGO City Arctic sets, so an entirely new recolor will be very much welcomed. Will probably get to see the official images of these latest LEGO City sets as early as April, alongside the highly anticipated LEGO Marvel Superheroes Infinity War and those coming from the Star Wars Solo sets.


Thanks again to Promobricks for sharing this information.


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