LEGO Jurassic World Limited Edition T. Rex Set Revealed

Belgian toy store Dreamland is now running a promo starting today until June 20, where you get a chance to bag a never-before-seen, extremely rare, LEGO Jurassic World T. Rex set for every purchase of any LEGO Jurassic World set in any of their stores. The site’s banner states that Dreamland will be giving away 100 of these exclusive sets, and that LEGO made 500 of these available worldwide. This means that other stores may carry out this promo as well.

lego jw limited edition

I really can’t figure out the set number judging from the grainy box art image that Dreamland posted, but the T. Rex mounted on a brick-built pedestal is something that I’ve never seen before in any LEGO Jurassic World set. It seems to have a new, predominantly light and dark brown printing. I like this newer version of a LEGO T. Rex, which looks more ferocious because of it’s mean-looking face print.

box lego jw limited edition

This LEGO Jurassic World Limited Edition T. Rex comes in at 70 pieces, with no identifiable set number yet (I see it numbered as 4000001, but I could be wrong). Anyways, I just hope that LEGO will follow through with its promise of giving away 400 similar sets, and we’ll wait to see where these will eventually pop-up. Otherwise, expect the price on this set to absurdly spike up on eBay and other secondary markets.

Thanks to Brickset for the heads up.

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