LEGO Launches Wave 1 of Nexo Knights Combo NEXO Powers 70372.

LEGO Nexo Knights fans have something to look forward to in 2017. After the reveal of some of the newest LEGO Nexo Knights sets slated for release on New Year’s Eve and the roll out of Merlok 2.0’s latest update available both in Google Play and the App Store, LEGO has announced its polybag offering with Wave 1 of the Nexo Knights Combo NEXO Powers (70372).

70372 alt1To help us figure out where the Combo NEXO Powers fits in Knighton lore, the description provided together with the latest update of the Merlok 2.0 app gives a picture of what to expect from these knightly abilities. I do not actually play the Merlok 2.0 app and I know it has been around for quite some time, but since I am fond of collecting stuff and information with regards to LEGO, I took a particular interest on the myriad of shields and NEXO powers that each character posses. Seeing how LEGO developed the Nexo Knights storyline and the new things to be expected from the app, I now have serious thoughts of giving it a try.


The evil Monstrox and his Stone Army is attacking Knighton in search for the Forbidden Powers that will awaken an unspeakable force of darkness. Our NEXO NIGHTS heroes must build and use their arsenal of NEXO Powers to rule the battlefield and save Knighton.

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There is only one way to stand a chance against the enemy’s Forbidden Powers – NEXO COMBO POWERS! By combing three single NEXO Powers you accomplish an unmatched COMBO POWER – a key to victory. Strategize and find the right powers to help build the strongest combo you can think of. Scan it into the game and see if you can beat the Forbidden Powers.


The tech-knights have new gear; collect blueprints for the Battle Suits so you can control them yourself in all-new missions.

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Use NEXO Scan to collect awesome battle skills in the real world. The more NEXO Powers you collect, the more powerful you become. Collect, battle and save Knighton!

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What’s New in Version 2.0.0


Based on the app’s description, it seems that the Nexo Knights are in for more challenges not only from Jestro’s new baddies in the form of the Stone Army, but also from another nefarious source of power which are enigmatically called the Forbidden Powers. This new enemy and their source of power seems to be so formidable that the only way to have a chance against is to effectively use all of the resources available to them, including an upgrade in the form of new battle suits (70362, 70363, 70364, 70365, 70366) a handful of new weapons and rides (70348, 70347, 70351), and a new way of combining three separate NEXO Powers to come up with a winning power combo. These power combo NEXO powers are activated by placing them all together in a distinct, tri-shield element. Depending on the probable interaction that these NEXO powers may have with each other, some combos may unleash a torrent of overwhelming power that can turn the tide of battle and effectively counter Jestro, Monstrox, and their formidable Stone Army.

Consequently, LEGO intends to expand the range of the NEXO Knight’s arsenal by adding more NEXO Powers into Merlok’s database where gamers may now have access to these powers through the LEGO Nexo Knights Combo NEXO Powers blind bags. Since LEGO has specifically announced that this is the first wave of blind bags that highlights the new NEXO Powers, we’re not sure at this point if LEGO will follow its previous strategy of offering other shields coming from various sources. To activate or unlock the NEXO Power in-game, one must simply the scan the shield using their device’s QR scanner and see what it does.

Thankfully, just2good uploaded a video where we can see Wave 1’s Nexo power checklist and see what new abilities it offers. I noticed that some of the NEXO Powers included in the list have already been released, while there are some that are new. For reference, also provides a wealth of information on all known NEXO Knights Powers and continually updates it once new powers or shields have been discovered. You may use Spyrius’ database to compare and check out each shield’s ability. For convenience, I’ve included each image of Wave 1’s shields and a description of it (whenever possible) as consolidated from Spyrius, and some from just2good’s blind bag opening.


NEXO Shield Powers of Clay

003 stronghold of resolution

003 – Stronghold of Resolution

Description: Knights must have the spirit and courage to battle!

Effect: Summon magical hawks that circle around you and damage nearby enemies.



018 veil of concealment

018 – Veil of Concealment

Description: If your enemies can’t see you, you’re safe!

Effect: Turn invisible. Enemies won’t attack you until you reappear.



019 zap zap019 – Zap Zap

Description: If your enemies can’t see you, you’re safe!

Effect: Turn invisible. Enemies won’t attack you until you reappear.



027 cool creation027 – Cool Creation

Effect: Lego bricks fall from the sky and form a tower. The tower explodes and does heavy damage to all enemies nearby. Damage is high, but range is short.




046 hornblower046 – Hornblower





047 ice cream047 – Ice Cream





049 iron dragon049 – Iron Dragon






NEXO Shield Powers of Aaron

109 time breach109 – Time Breach

Description: Time flies when you’re having fun.




110 swift sting110 – Swift Sting

Description: Aaron Fox embodies this power!




120 mouse trap120 – Mouse Trap

Description: Can this also catch a Globlin?

Effect: 5 pieces of cheese and 5 mouse traps drop to the ground in a circle around you.  Each piece of cheese will heal you (a very small amount) and each mouse trap will inflict damage to one enemy, then disappear.


125 serpent of anti virus125 – Serpent of Anti-Virus





135 blast mask135 – Blast Mask





154 tone of power154 – Tone of Power





Aaron 00??? – Unnamed NEXO Power for Aaron





NEXO Shield Powers of Lance

310 boomerang310 – Boomerang

Description: They always return to sender.

Effect: Throw a boomerang that attacks most enemies on-screen for high damage (about 3000 dmg each).



311 thunder blaze311 – Thunder Blaze

Description: Blind enemies with thunder and lightning!




321 pinball magician321 – Pinball Magician
Description: Reach for that high score!

Effect: Release a giant pinball that ricochets back and forth across the battlefield, doing damage to every enemy it hits.



327 daring deliverance327 – Daring Deliverance





353 mammoth353 – Mammoth





355 metal minotaur355 – Metal Minotaur





Lance 00??? – Unnamed NEXO Power for Lance





NEXO Shield Powers of Macy

201 rushing strike201 – Rushing Strike

Description: In war hit first and ask questions later.

Effect: Rush in one direction. Destroy just about every normal enemy you run into and do heavy damage to bosses (damage numbers do not display, so amount of damage inflicted is unknown).  At the end of your rush, you get frozen for about 8 seconds – cannot move, cannot attack.​


214 glory of knighton214 – Glory of Knighton

Description: The king rewards every knight who defends the kingdom.




218 anvil of trouble218 – Anvil of Trouble

Description: Even the strongest anvils can shatter.




233 sparrow tornado233 – Sparrow Tornado

Description: A flock of sparrows can be very dangerous.

Effect: Just like the other Tornado powers, create a tornado of birdies that randomly wanders across the screen and inflicts heavy damage to any enemies it touches



250 silver pegasus250 – Silver Pegasus





253 swiss cheese253 – Swiss Cheese





Macy 00??? – Unnamed NEXO Power for Macy





NEXO Shield Powers of Axl

410 raging rally410 – Raging Rally

Description: A knight can always push himself to the limit.




412 power plant412 – Power Plant

Description: Some plants have flowers, others have teeth!




433 wasp missile433 – Wasp Missile

Description: Never disturb a wasp hive.




429 might of the magician429 – Might of the Magician

Effect: Auto-targeting magical flamethrower. Even if you completely let go of your phone/tablet, once Might of the Magician is triggered, your character automatically turns to find more enemies to roast.



452 spirit fox452 – Spirit Fox





457 toad457 – Toad





459 touchdown459 – Touchdown






Here’s a list of some of the Forbidden Powers that have been released so far. I have to say that they seem to have a pretty nasty effect of some kind.

061 corrupting crush061 – Corrupting Crush; NEXO Shield Power of Clay (Forbidden Power)

Description: You will be stuck between a rock and a hard place because of this Power. Want to get thin? This is the most unpleasant way of doing it.



061 thundering thrash065 – Thundering Thrash; NEXO Shield Power of Clay (Forbidden Power)
Description: Something brand new, lovely and pristine will be ripe for the scrapyard after being hit by this Forbidden Power. And it’s loud, too.




160 devastating decay160 – Devastating Decay; NEXO Shield Power of Aaron (Forbidden Power)
Description: A second cousin to Ravaging Rot and Aging Antilife, this Power will speed up the natural breakdown of organic material. Freshness begone!




259 wrecking wrath259 – Wrecking Wrath; NEXO Shield Power of Macy (Forbidden Power)
Description: Can a Forbidden Power be angry? This one is as it stares down its target which falls to pieces right in front of it.




368 horrible hunger368- Horrible Hunger; NEXO Shield Power of Lance (Forbidden Power)
Description: Not like a diet. Much, much worse. And your stomach will be rumbling with hunger so your ears may hurt too.




464 malicious melting464 – Malicious Melting; NEXO Shield Power of Axl (Forbidden Power)
Description: Useless on a warm sunny day, but during winter it can melt snow faster than you can say Frosty the Snow man.




465 volcanic vengeance465 – Volcanic Vengeance; NEXO Shield Power of Axl (Forbidden Power)
Description: Cold feet? Not with this power. The floor will literally be made of lava, with volcanic scorching hot magma and molten rocks flying through the air.




The LEGO Nexo Knights Combo NEXO Powers Wave 1 (70372) is slated for release on January 1, 2017 both in-store and at, and will retail at $3.99 per blind bag.


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