Here’s Some Tips To Make Your LEGO Brickfilms Stand Out.

LEGO has uploaded a series of videos via their YouTube channel that shows several tips on how to create your next head-turner MOC. Coming in at four (4) episodes, each snippet features the young (and awesome!) Aven Woodward, the Founder of the Kid Film Festival. Aven shows us the basic techniques in brick film-making, simply watch the videos below.


Basic Tips to Improve Your LEGO Brickfilms – Brick Tricks – Episode 1 

Aven breaks down the basics of improving your brickfilms by sharing helpful tips around lighting and animation.


 Building Tricks for Your LEGO Brickfilms – Brick Tricks – Episode 2

A good brickfilm requires a great set design. In this episode, Aven shares some advanced building techniques that will allow you to construct walls, create inverted structures, build sideways, form lettering, and add unique decorations.


How to Add Special Effects to Your LEGO Brickfilms – Brick Tricks- Episode 3

To take your brickfilms to the next level, special effects are a must. In this episode, Aven share his tips on how to add objects that fly or fall, create smoke effects and add motion blur. 


LEGO Brickfilm Secrets Revealed – Brick Tricks – Episode 4

In this episode, Aven shares even more advanced brickfilm tips and techniques like simulating water, creating backgrounds, and calculating frame rates



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