LEGO Marvel Super Hero Polybags at Wal-Mart and Target

On Saturday, March 3, the long-awaited LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets that tie in to the next MCU film Avengers: Infinity War, were finally released for the consumption of Marvel and LEGO fans. While all these awesome pieces are being scooped up, other LMSH products are also hitting the market.

Today, we’re going to look at a couple of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes polybags that have just come into the shelves of LEGO’s major retail partners, Wal-Mart and Target. One’s a micro-scale set version of a full-sized model; the other’s a minifigure keychain part of the Infinity War product wave.

First off is the micro-sized Royal Talon Fighter (30450) polybag, a tie-in for the previous MCU installment (and still currently-showing film) Black Panther. It’s based on the vibranium-powered transport used to travel in and out of Wakanda, already adapted as the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Royal Talon Fighter Attack (76100) set. Search Wal-Mart’s Easter display boxes for this polybag.

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Next is the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Infinity War Teen Groot Keychain (5005244). It first came out in Europe and apparently is only now appearing stateside, but not online at the Shop@Home. Collector “fikinbricks” noted on Instagram that it’s now available at his local Target store, and likely others too.

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The Teen Groot Keychain (5005244) is priced at $5.99 each, and it along with the Royal Talon Fighter (30450) polybag is available for normal purchase without requirements. LEGO fans who follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe would most certainly love to have these in their collections. As polybags, they’re affordable enough.

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