LEGO Minecraft’s Social Media Sites Finally Revealed How The Mountain Cave (21137) Will Look Like.

For the past few days LEGO Minecraft’s various social media sites have been sharing some teasers on what is dubbed to be THE largest LEGO Minecraft set ever. The announcement was made in April and since then, many have speculated that it will be the biggest LEGO Minecraft set to date, besting the title from The Village (21128) set which sports a 1,600+ piece count. Based on the trail of bread crumbs released by LEGO about its LEGO Minecraft The Mountain Cave (21137) set, we know that its overall weight is at 3.36 kg (more than a quarter of a kilogram as compared to 21128), it has a mine track play feature, and a couple of new mobs such as a bat, a pair of angry wolves, a charged Creeper, and a giant Slime.

Here’s how the trail of clues look like as scattered across LEGO Minecraft’s social media sites.


Thanks to Eurobricks member Chewk, we have this composite of the various images released by LEGO during the past days. Put together, this is how the Mountain Cave looks like.

21137 pieces

It seems that the LEGO Minecraft The Mountain Cave (21137) is set to be the next D2C exclusive scheduled for an early VIP access from June 15-30 as hinted in LEGO’s June Store Calendar. We don’t have the actual piece count nor the retail price for this but we can guess that it may be around the $300 price point.


So what do you think of The Mountain Cave brick fans? Will it offer tons of play features that will make other LEGO Minecraft sets shy in comparison? Let us know in the comments below.




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