Explore These LEGO August 2023 Releases!

We’re just counting the hours before the calendar shifts to August. And this also means that we can expect more than 70 new LEGO August 2023 releases to arrive at your local LEGO store and online.

This exciting lineup of LEGO August 2023 releases includes fresh additions to LEGO City, Marvel, Star Wars, Minecraft, Super Mario, and Technic themes. As an additional treat, LEGO will be now releasing a wave of three brand new themes: LEGO DREAMzzz, Gabby’s Dollhouse, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

This portfolio of LEGO August 2023 releases also has something unique to offer adult LEGO enthusiasts as well in the form of captivating sets like the Tranquil Gardens, Modern Art, and Himeji Castle. To top it all off, VIP early access to the latest LEGO Icons vehicle set begins tomorrow. With such a remarkable selection, what will you choose to make August memorable?

Check out the highlights of some of these new LEGO August 2023 releases, and the themes they represent.

Discover the City Thrills with These LEGO August 2023 Releases

From bustling metropolis scenes to captivating arctic emergency missions, the City-themed collection of these LEGO August 2023 releases is sure to ignite your imagination. One good set to start off is the Arctic Explorer Ship (60368).

lego august 2023 releases

Marvel Heroes Assemble with LEGO August 2023 Releases

Unleash your inner superhero while exploring these action-packed LEGO Marvel sets. You may want to relive the thrill of Spider-Man’s No Way Home in LEGO brick form with sets such as the LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Final Battle (76261), for example.

76261 1

Embark on an Interstellar Journey with LEGO Star Wars in August 

Prepare to be transported to a galaxy far, far away with some of the most iconic Star Wars scenes with these LEGO August 2023 releases. Relive legendary moments from the Star Wars saga and create your own adventures alongside beloved characters. You may want to pick up the LEGO Star Wars Yavin 4 Rebel Base (75365) set in case you want to relieve some of the most exciting scenes in Episode IV: A New Hope. Be sure to check out their entire LEGO Star Wars sets currently available as well.

lego august 2023 releases

Enter the Blocky Realm of LEGO Minecraft 

Step into the pixelated world of LEGO Minecraft this August. With a variety of sets capturing the essence of the game, you can recreate your favorite moments and embark on thrilling quests. As part of their LEGO August 2023 releases, the LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box 4.0 (21249) offers plenty of room to unleash your creativity.

21249 1

Get Ready for an Odyssey with LEGO Super Mario

It’s time for some high-octane fun with LEGO Super Mario sets this August. Join Mario on exciting adventures through interactive courses that test your skills and creativity. Combine physical play with digital technology as you challenge yourself to collect coins and defeat enemies. If you’re looking for something new among the theme’s LEGO August 2023 releases, then you may want to take a look at the LEGO Super Mario 71427 Larry’s and Morton’s Airships Expansion Set.

lego august 2023 releases

Discover the Wonders of Engineering With LEGO Technic August 2023 Releases

If you have a passion for engineering and mechanics, LEGO Technic sets in August 2023 are your ultimate playground. Enhance your building skills and delve into intricate designs that mimic real-life machinery. Notable among these LEGO August 2023 releases is the mammoth-sized LEGO Technic Liebherr Crawler Crane LR 13000 (42146).

42146 1

LEGO DREAMzzz is Finally Here! 

Introducing the newest addition to the LEGO portfolio in August 2023 – the highly anticipated LEGO DREAMzzz. Prepare to venture into the realm of brick-built dreams, where imagination knows no bounds. If you want to start building your collection of LEGO August 2023 releases, then you may want to pick up the LEGO Dreamzzz Nightmare Shark Ship (71469).

lego august 2023 releases

Gabby’s Dollhouse: Discover A New World of Whimsy and Play

Step into Gabby’s Dollhouse and experience a world filled with whimsy and playfulness. These sets capture the charm of the animated series, allowing you to join Gabby and her furry friends on delightful adventures. Spark your imagination with these endearing LEGO August 2023 releases and immerse yourself in the joy of childhood play. You may want to begin with LEGO Gabby’s Dollhouse (10788) while you’re at it.

lego gabby's dollhouse

Speed into Action with Sonic the Hedgehog this August

Get ready for a burst of speed and adventure with LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog this August. Join the blue blur and his friends as they dash through thrilling levels inspired by the iconic video game. Recreate exhilarating moments from the Sonic universe with a new line of LEGO August 2023 releases such as Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge (76994).

lego august 2023 releases

Experience Solitude with the New LEGO Tranquil Gardens

For the discerning adult LEGO enthusiasts, the LEGO Tranquil Gardens (10315) offers a serene escape. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you construct elegant garden scenes that exude peace and tranquility. As part of this year’s LEGO August 2023 releases, the LEGO Tranquil Gardens serve as a delightful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

10315 1

Explore the World of Art with LEGO Modern Art

Indulge your artistic side with LEGO Modern Art sets in August 2023. Love them or hate them, these abstract sets allow you to create your own brick masterpieces that mirror the world of contemporary art. Channel your inner artist and express yourself through the LEGO Modern Art 31210.

31210 1

A Majestic Marvel: The LEGO Himeji Castle  

Step back in time and explore the architectural wonder of the LEGO Architecture Himeji Castle (21060). As part of LEGO Architecture’s  LEGO August 2023 releases, this intricately designed Himeji Castle set offers a captivating glimpse into feudal Japan’s history and culture.

21060 1

Don’t Miss Out on This LEGO August 2023 Extravaganza!

Be sure to check out these upcoming LEGO August 2023 releases and don’t miss out on the early LEGO VIP perks that go along with them.

From LEGO City’s bustling metropolis to the immersive worlds of Marvel, Star Wars, Minecraft, Super Mario, and Technic, the possibilities are just endless. If you’re an AFOL and you just want to hang out and express your creativity, then building the Tranquil Gardens, appreciating the artistry of LEGO Modern Art, and enjoying the majesty of Himeji Castle might just be the thing for you. Be sure to catch these LEGO August 2023 releases and have a great brick-building time this summer.

LEGO Minecraft Summer 2023 Collection Now Available for Pre-Order at LEGO.com

LEGO has officially released the highly anticipated LEGO Minecraft summer 2023 wave, and enthusiasts can now pre-order these incredible sets. Mark your calendars for August 1, when these exciting creations will hit the shelves and transport players into a world of endless possibilities. Let’s delve into the details of each set and discover the extraordinary adventures they offer.

A Closer Look at the LEGO Minecraft Summer 2023 Sets

The Axolotl House (21247) – Dive into Underwater Excitement!

lego minecraft summer 2023

Immerse yourself in the vibrant depths of the LEO Minecraft Summer 2023 sets starting with the charming Axolotl House set (21247). Crafted with 242 pieces and priced at $26.99, this hands-on underwater adventure is designed to captivate players aged 7 and above. Journey alongside the axolotl, one of the game’s cutest creatures, as Minecraft’s creative construction and imaginative action come to life in the real world.

The Pumpkin Farm (21248) – Harvest Thrills in the Swamp Biome!

lego minecraft summer 2023

Step foot into the infamous swamp biome with The Pumpkin Farm set (21248), a versatile and immersive toy. This captivating LEGO Minecraft Summer 2023 creation consists of 257 pieces and priced at $39.99, features Steve at a pumpkin farm built around a pumpkin-shaped house.

The Crafting Box 4.0 (21249) – Unleash Limitless Creativity!

lego minecraft summer 2023

Enter a realm of boundless creativity with The Crafting Box 4.0 set (21249), a remarkable playset consisting of 605 pieces and priced at $79.99. This versatile LEGO Minecraft Summer 2023 set invites children to construct two distinct scenarios: the River Towers, a fortress-like structure primed for defending against zombie and Creeper attacks, and the Cat Cottage, a large, cat-shaped house accompanied by a playful cat playground.

The Iron Golem Fortress (21250) – Stand Your Ground!

lego minecraft summer 2023

Prepare for a grand spectacle of creativity with The Iron Golem Fortress set (21250). Priced at $109.99 and composed of an impressive 868 pieces, this extraordinary LEGO Minecraft Summer 2023 playset offers two enthralling scenarios. The first scenario unfolds within the mighty golem fortress, where the Crystal Knight and the Golden Knight valiantly defend their base against hostile attackers, including a Charged Creeper and two skeleton horsemen.

Pre-Order the LEGO Minecraft Summer 2023 Today!

As LEGO unveils its captivating LEGO Minecraft summer 2023 collection, players young and old will embark on remarkable journeys fueled by their imaginations. From underwater exploits with the adorable axolotl to pumpkin farming in the mysterious swamp biome, each set offers unique experiences that will leave players craving more.

Check out the rest of the details (and more product images!) of these new LEGO Minecraft Summer 2023 sets below. You may also pre-order them today and be the first to get these exciting sets beginning August 1, 2023.

LEGO Minecraft Summer 2023 – The Axolotl House (21247)

242 pieces | Includes authentic Minecraft figures: an underwater explorer, a drowned zombie, dolphin, puffer fish, 2 adult axolotls and an axolotl in a bucket | $26.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from August 1, 2023

lego minecraft summer 2023

21247 alt1 21247 alt6 21247 alt5


LEGO Minecraft Summer 2023 – The Pumpkin Farm (21248)

257 pieces | Includes familiar Minecraft character Steve, plus a witch, a frog with frogspawn, and lots of accessories, including a boat, treasure chest and a carved pumpkin | $39.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from August 1, 2023

lego minecraft summer 2023

21248 alt1 21248 alt7 21248 alt6


LEGO Minecraft Summer 2023 – The Crafting Box 4.0 (21249)

605 pieces | Includes lots of familiar figures and mobs from the game, including Steve, Alex, a zombie, Creeper™, cats and sheep | $79.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from August 1, 2023

lego minecraft summer 2023 21249 alt1 21249 alt4

21249 alt3


LEGO Minecraft Summer 2023 – The Iron Golem Fortress (21250)

868 pieces | Includes a Crystal Knight, Golden Knight, iron golem, Charged Creeper™ and 2 skeleton horsemen, plus functional exteriors and interiors with many accessories | $109.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from August 1, 2023

lego minecraft summer 2023 21250 alt1 21250 alt7 21250 alt6


Catch These Pre-Black Friday LEGO Deals For Up to 30% Discount

We’re just a couple of days shy before this year’s Black Friday LEGO deals officially kick in. And if you want to get a head start on these upcoming deals over at Amazon, you might be interested to know that there are several Pre-Black Friday LEGO deals that are up for grabs for as much as 30% off their listed price.

Ranging from homegrown LEGO Ideas and LEGO City sets to licensed themes such as LEGO Minecraft and Star Wars, these are some of the sets that you might have missed since their release early this year and late 2021.

Check these out via their affiliate links below, and in case you make a purchase using these links, we get a small commission to help us keep our website up.

LEGO Minecraft The Illager Raid (21160)

562 pieces | List Price: $59.99 | Amazon: $39.49

Black Friday LEGO


LEGO Minecraft The Training Grounds (21183)

534 pieces | List Price: $79.99 | Amazon: $63.87

21183 1


LEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster (21329)

1,074 pieces | List Price: $119.99 | Amazon: $99.90

Black Friday LEGO


LEGO Ideas Winnie The Pooh (21326)

1,265 pieces | List Price: $99.99 | Amazon: 94.99

21326 1


LEGO Marvel Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man (76194)

369 pieces | List Price: $34.99 | Amazon: $27.99

76194 1


LEGO Classic Around The World (11015)

950 pieces | List Price: $49.99 | Amazon: $39.99


11015 1


LEGO City Police Prisoner Transport 60276

244 pieces | List Price: $29.99 | Amazon: $24.49

60276 1

LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian Imperial Armored Marauder (75311)

478 pieces | List Price: $39.99 | Amazon: $34.98

75311 1


LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett’s Starship (75312)

593 pieces | List Price: $49.99 | Amazon: $38.00

75312 1


LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trench Run Diorama (75329)

665 pieces | List Price: $69.99 | Amazon: $55.99

Black Friday LEGO



September Double Points for LEGO VIPs: LEGO Minecraft The Sky Tower (21173) and The Modern Treehouse (21174)

Being a LEGO VIP is awesome. We’ve given readers that song and dance before, but it’s one that we’ll keep repeating. After all, why not become a LEGO VIP? Early access to new sets, gifts-with-purchases, VIP points and Sweepstakes for cool stuff is nothing to sneeze at. And every now and then, LEGO doubles the points for selected LEGO sets for limited periods. That’s great if you’re planning on buying a set that was awarded double-points. This month, two videogame-related LEGO sets are carrying this bonus for you LEGO VIPs.

LEGO Shop@Home is shining the spotlight on two sets from LEGO Minecraft, released in May. Take a gander at The Sky Tower (21173) and The Modern Treehouse (21174). Both LEGO Minecraft sets are worth double the VIP points for all of September.

“Minecraft” aficionados who love LEGO will appreciate the uncommon brick items and minifigure variants both sides offer. Who can say no to brick-built Flying Phantoms (Sky Tower) or a Charged Creeper (Modern Treehouse)?

On Shop@Home US the LEGO Minecraft Sky Tower (21173) is normally estimated at 390 points. Modern Treehouse (21174) meanwhile has about 780. At double points for September, LEGO VIPs can earn 780 for buying 21173 online, or 1,560 points for 21174. This only lasts until September 30 so don’t delay. If you happen to join the VIP program now then you’ll also receive a free minifigure keychain. This gift’s available until the end of the year, or while supplies last.

The Sky Tower (21173)

21173 21173 2

Sky-high Minecraft creativity
Kids use cool, authentic Minecraft features to fly into the sky and build a floating blacksmith’s house, a soaring tower and a garden island. The play possibilities range from growing vegetables to battling flying phantoms. This accessory-packed playset is infinitely reconfigurable so kids can rebuild, reimagine and enjoy endless adventures – just like in the online game, but with hands-on, creative construction.

  • LEGO® Minecraft™ The Sky Tower (21173) incorporates a diverse range of buildable environments that reconfigure in infinite ways to inspire Minecraft adventures that never end.
  • Includes a Pilot figure with elytra wings, netherite helmet, firework rocket and trident; 2 flying phantoms; an orange tabby cat; and lots of authentic accessories.
  • This fantastically versatile playset encourages kids to continually adapt their creations and explore new adventures. It’s just like the video game, but with hands-on, creative construction.
  • Minecraft™ players and creative builders aged 8 and up will enjoy endless hands-on, immersive pleasure with this imagination-inspiring playset.
  • Measuring over 7 in. (18 cm) high, 6 in. (15 cm) wide and 5 in. (12 cm) deep, this reconfigurable set is ideal for imaginative play, creative display and combining with other LEGO® Minecraft™ sets.
  • The colorful playset contains many authentic Minecraft™ accessories, including a crafting table, anvil, grindstone, soul lanterns, potatoes, beetroots and a barrel of fish.
The Modern Treehouse (21174)

21174 21174 2


Endlessly reconfigurable Minecraft treehouse
Kids build 4 very different rooms – kitchen, library, study and bedroom – then add a variety of authentic Minecraft accessories – from furniture and bedding to tools and TNT. The set invites kids to rebuild and reconfigure again and again and to explore imaginative play-and-display possibilities that never end. Rooms don’t even have to be attached to the tree. The set is ideal for children whose imaginations stretch beyond the walls of a traditional dollhouses.

  • LEGO® Minecraft™ The Modern Treehouse (21174) is a large, detailed and extremely versatile playset featuring 4 endlessly reconfigurable rooms packed with authentic Minecraft features.
  • Includes a charged Creeper™ figure and a panda skin, ocelot skin, zombie, cat and chicken from the online Minecraft™ game, plus lots of authentic accessories.
  • Children will rebuild and reconfigure this wonderfully convertible and customizable playset again and again to explore imaginative play-and-display possibilities that never end.
  • This build-and-display modular treehouse is ideal for any Minecraft™ or model-making enthusiast aged 9 and up. It makes an ideal birthday present, holiday gift, or special treat.
  • Measuring over 11 in. (29 cm) high, 7 in. (20 cm) wide and 6 in. (17 cm) deep, this impressive set is perfect for imaginative play, creative display and combining with other LEGO® Minecraft™ sets.
  • The colorful playset contains many authentic Minecraft™ accessories, including tools,furniture and TNT.

ICYMI: More LEGO Licensed Sets Expected for H2 2021

LEGO Shop@Home has already updated its servers to include its upcoming licensed sets coming from some of its most popular titles. And while we can expect more LEGO Star Wars, Marvel and Minecraft sets this March, LEGO is already gearing up for its next wave of sets slated for the latter half of this year. In case you missed it, here’s what we know so far about the LEGO licensed sets expected for the second half of this year or H2 2021.

Just a disclaimer – this listing is based on several trusted sources from the LEGO fan community, and eventually compiled by Pricevortex. And though Pricevortex’s predictions are almost 100% correct most of the time, we should always take these things with a grain of salt. Let’s take a look.

LEGO Star Wars H2 2021
ucs republic gunship
The Republic Gunship from Star Wars
  • 75303 Unnamed LEGO Star Wars UCS set (??? pieces; €199.99)
  • 75304 Darth Vader Helmet (834 pieces; €69.99)
  • 75305 Scout Trooper Helmet (471 pieces; €49.99)
  • 75306 Imperial Probe Droid (683 pieces; €69.99)
  • 75307 Star Wars Advent Calendar 2021 (??? pieces; €34.99)
  • 75308 UCS R2-D2 (??? pieces; €199.99)
  • 75309 UCS Republic Gunship (??? pieces; €349.99)
  • 75310 Mandalorian Throne and Vault (147 pieces; €19.99)
  • 75311 Imperial Troop Transport (478 pieces; €39.99)
  • 75312 Slave 1 (592 pieces; €49.99)
  • 75313 UCS AT-AT (??? pieces; €799.99)
  • 75314 The Bad Batch Shuttle (969 pieces; €99.99)
  • 75315 Moff Gideon’s Cruiser (??? pieces; €159.99)
  • 75316 Mandalorian Fighter (??? pieces; €59.99)
  • 75319 Unnamed LEGO Star Wars Set (??? pieces; €29.99)
  • 75369 Darth Vader’s Meditation Chamber
  • 40451 Tatooine Homestead Gift-With-Purchase (GWP) set
LEGO Harry Potter H2 2021
harry potter hogsmead
The village of Hogsmeade from Harry Potter.
  • 76386 Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom (217 pieces; €19.99)
  • 76387 Hogwart’s Extension (397 pieces; €39.99)
  • 76388 Hogsmeade (851 pieces; €79.99)
  • 75389 Hogwarts Great Hall (1,176 pieces; €129.99)
  • 76390 Harry Potter Advent Calendar (274 pieces; €39.99)
  • 76391 Unnamed LEGO Harry Potter set (??? pieces; €249.99) 
  • 76392 Unnamed LEGO Harry Potter set (??? pieces; €59.99)
  • 76393 Unnamed LEGO Harry Potter set (??? pieces; €119.99)
  • 76394 Unnamed LEGO Harry Potter set (??? pieces; €39.99)
  • 76395 Unnamed LEGO Harry Potter set (??? pieces; €29.99)
LEGO Minecraft H2 2021
minecraft ruined portal
Minecraft The Ruined Portal
  • 21171 The Horse Stable (241 pieces; €????)
  • 21172 The Ruined Portal (316 pieces; €????)
  • 21173 The Sky Tower (565 pieces; €????)
  • 21174 The Modern Tree-House (909 pieces; €????)
  • 21176 The Jungle’s Abomination (489 pieces; €????)

Since some of these next LEGO licensed sets are expected to arrive in stores as early as June, it’s most likely that LEGO will make their official announcements about these sets in late March or early June. I’ll keep you posted once more info goes out.

Here’s a Look at Some of the First LEGO Minecraft 2021 Sets

Last week, we had a glimpse of what LEGO has in the works for 2021, particularly in the first half of the upcoming year. With plenty of these sets coming from its licensed themes, you may have noticed that there are still some particular themes that the rumor mill may have not covered. Thanks to another third-party toy retailer, we now have a look at some of the first LEGO Minecraft 2021 sets that we can expect anytime soon.

Dutch online toy store Planet Happy has listed two of these LEGO Minecraft sets, both slated to be released in January 2021. From the looks of things, LEGO still has building sets in store for its open-world, video game counterpart considering that the Minecraft franchise has also evolved. With the introduction of Minecraft Dungeons earlier in May, the wealth of brick inspirations for the LEGO design team has just leveled up as well.

As seen on Planet Happy’s website, we can expect three new LEGO Minecraft 2021 sets to be released, with two of these now seen online with their respective product images and descriptions. Do take note that the following descriptions were roughly translated from Google, and may not completely reflect LEGO’s official product info. I’ll keep you posted once these sets make their debut at LEGO Shop@Home.

Thanks to Brickset for the heads up.

LEGO Minecraft The Bee Farm (21165)

238 pieces | 99,99

LEGO Minecraft 2021 21165 2

21165 1

As 4 friendly bees buzz around happily helping the flowers and crops grow, a swarm of 4 angry red-eyed bees moves closer to the beekeeping farm to harass the sheep and the frightened villager. The bees are really everywhere – even on the tree! Can you help the beekeeper with her elytra and protect the villager from the stinging bees?

LEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Mine (21166)

248 pieces | 99,99

LEGO Minecraft 2021 21166 1

21166 3

Head into the mine shaft with Steve, build and explore – all while fighting against the constant attacks! In the cave, you will find coal, iron, and diamonds. But watch out for the terrifying zombie, creepy spider, and living slime. When you see them, lure them to the cave entrance and then drop the gravel from above onto the enemy mobs – BOOM!


LEGO Minecraft The Trading Post (21167)

LEGO Minecraft 2021



Summary of LEGO Products that Got the Spotlight at the New York Toy Fair

The American International aka New York Toy Fair 2019 ends on Tuesday, February 19. Until then, the world’s biggest toy manufacturers and brands are showing off their best and latest products at the Javits Center. LEGO of course is among them, and from the time the fair started last Saturday they have already shown much.

For the benefit of our readers here at The Brick Show, we’re going to do a recap of all the stuff that LEGO promoted at their booth and elsewhere at the NYTF over the weekend. These are all links to articles of ours that touched on the items in question, whether they were early reveals or from the event itself

  1. LEGO Architecture
  2. LEGO City
  3. LEGO Classic
  4. LEGO Creator
  5. LEGO Duplo
  6. LEGO Friends
  7. LEGO Hidden Side 
  8. LEGO Ideas
  9. LEGO Minifigures
  10. LEGO Movie 21, 2, 3, 4, 5
  11. LEGO Ninjago
  12. LEGO Speed Champions
  13. LEGO Technic


  1. LEGO Batman
  2. LEGO Disney
  3. LEGO Ideas
  4. LEGO Minecraft
  5. LEGO Overwatch
  6. LEGO SpiderMan
  7. LEGO Star Wars

Here’s A Compendium of 2019 LEGO Polybags To Watch Out For

For those of you following our blogsite and LEGO’s massive wave of new set reveals for 2019, you’re probably aware that a considerable portion of this includes a handful of interesting polybags coming from LEGO’s diverse themes. From The LEGO Movie 2 to LEGO City themes, these 2019 LEGO polybags are great finds in themselves if you happen to spot them in your local retail stores.

Most of these 2019 LEGO polybags are now available in Walmart and Target stores in the US, with some of it slated to be gift-with-purchase sets as part of LEGO’s promotional campaigns. Here’s a list of what LEGO has to offer for this half of the year. Of particular interest are those tie-in sets related to The LEGO Movie 2 such as the Mini Master-Building MetalBeard (30528), the LEGO City Popcorn Cart (30364) and a first for the LEGO Minecraft theme, a LEGO Minecraft Steve and Creeper Set (30393).

What 2019 LEGO polybag are you planning to grab this January? Share us your top pick in the comments below.


LEGO City Fire ATV (30361) – (available online at Walmart)



LEGO City Sky Police Jetpack (30362)

30362 1


LEGO City Jet-Ski (30363)

30363 1


LEGO City Popcorn Cart (30364)

30364 1


LEGO Creator Fish Free Builds – Make It Yours (30545)

30545 1


LEGO Creator Pelican (30571)

30571 1


LEGO Creator Race Car (30572)

30572 1


LEGO Creator Santa (30573)

30573 1


LEGO Duplo My First Duck (30327)

30327 1


LEGO Duplo Town Rescue (30328)

30328 1


LEGO Friends Tulips (30408)

30408 1


LEGO Friends Emma’s Bumper Cards (30409)

30409 1


LEGO Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man’s Mini Spider Crawler (30451)

30451 1


LEGO Minecraft Steve and Creeper Set (30393)

30393 1


LEGO Ninjago Sam-X (30533)

30533 1


LEGO Ninjago Ninja Workout (30534)

30534 1


LEGO Ninjago Fire Flight (30535)

30535 1


The LEGO Movie 2 Emmet’s ‘Piece’ Offering (30340) – (available online at Walmart)



The LEGO Movie 2 Rex’s Plantimal Ambush (30460)

30460 1


The LEGO Movie 2 Lucy vs. Alien Invader (30527) – (available online at Walmart)



The LEGO Movie 2 Mini Master-Building MetalBeard (30528) – (available online at Walmart)

30528 1 1


The LEGO Movie 2 Mini Master-Building Emmet (30529)

30529 1 1


The LEGO Movie 2 Star-Stuck Emmet (30620)

30620 1


LEGO xtra Sea Accessories (40341)

40341 1

LEGO Introduces its First LEGO Minecraft Steve and Creeper (30393) Polybag

LEGO Minecraft is here to stay this 2019! And other than the introduction of new, larger buildable figures of Steve, Alex, and a Minecraft Skeleton, LEGO now introduces its very first LEGO Minecraft polybag with the Steve and Creeper (30393) polybag set. This particular polybag adds to the roster of other sets due to be released this year – particularly those coming from the LEGO City, LEGO Movie 2, and LEGO Marvel themes – whose building instructions were found online by Brickset.


This is a very welcomed gesture from LEGO since the Minecraft theme has been sorely lacking from polybags since its introduction 6 years ago. The LEGO Minecraft Steve and Creeper (30393) polybag features the typical Steve with a sword accessory, and a Creeper minifig, including a buildable TNT box. This simple build also comes with a play feature that allows builders to ‘launch’ the TNT by pushing a lever connected to a Technic pin. Like any other polybag set, this is also a great opportunity to have these two LEGO Minecraft minifigures added to your collection without breaking the bank. For your reference, here are the building instructions for this polybag.

6268124 Page 1

6268124 Page 2

Details are scant though as of this posting, regarding the availability of the LEGO Minecraft Steve and Creeper (30393) polybag, and my guess is that it may be a part of an upcoming promotional at LEGO stores and LEGO Shop@HOme. I’ll keep you posted as more info comes in. Be sure to check out as well the rest of this year’s LEGO Minecraft sets. Just click on the links below for more info at shop.LEGO.com

Minecraft Steve BigFig with Parrot (21148)

LEGO Minecraft 21148 Steve Parrot 2


Minecraft Alex BigFig with Chicken (21149)

LEGO Minecraft 21149 Alex Chicken 2


Minecraft Skeleton BigFig with Magma Cube (21150)

LEGO Minecraft 21150 Skeleton Magma Cube 2


The End Battle (21151)

LEGO Minecraft 21151 End Battle 2


Pirate Ship (21152)

LEGO Minecraft 21152 Pirate Ship Adventure 2

2019 LEGO Minecraft Set Details Published Online

Other than previously reported rumors regarding buildable LEGO Minecraft figures said to be released next year, more information is now available regarding other LEGO Minecraft sets slated to debut in 2019. Yes, Minecraft is one licensed theme that LEGO is still pushing forward next year, and thanks to online retailer   Alternate, we now have an idea on what these 2019 LEGO Minecraft sets will be.

Though the Alternate website hasn’t released any images yet of these 2019 LEGO Minecraft sets, they’re listing included set descriptions of five of these sets. They’re originally in German so the following rough Google Translation may not be 100% accurate, however, it is enough to give us an idea on what to expect from them. It is interesting to note that the first three sets in the series refer to the buildable LEGO Minecraft “action figures” that can be posed in many different ways. The translated description also refers to these buildable figures as BigFigs, which I’m not really sure if this is what LEGO will call them in English. I’m thinking of something similar to this MOC created by LEGO Minecraft fan builder that goes by the name TheDudeWithACup back in 2011.

minecraft skeleton
A fan-made, and highly articulated LEGO Minecraft Skeleton MOC.


Check out their translated descriptions below, with some minor editing as needed.

LEGO Minecraft Buildable Steve with Parrot (21148)

Pieces: 159; 14.99 Euros

This cool Minecraft model provide plenty of construction and fun – for example, this great, easy to build LEGO Minecraft action figure set “Minecraft – BigFig Steve with parrot”. Push the lever on Steve’s back to raise and lower his stone pickaxe. Grab your tame parrot and embark on a new Minecraft adventure. When you’re done, you can give Steve an epic pose, put him out on the base, and bring a touch of Minecraft magic to your room.

Buildable large LEGO Minecraft Steve action figure with articulated joints and mechanical right arm, as well as a buildable stone pickaxe and a Minecraft parrot. Every LEGO Minecraft BigFig character is equipped with an adjustment plate.


LEGO Minecraft Buildable Alex with Chicken (21149)

Pieces: 160; 14.99 Euros

This epic Minecraft models provide plenty of construction and fun – for example, this cool, easy to build LEGO Minecraft action figure set “Minecraft BigFig Alex with Chicken”. Push the lever down Alex’s back to lower the diamond sword, grab the chicken and jump into a new Minecraft adventure! When you’re done, give Alex a cool action pose, exhibit on the baseplate, and spice up your room in Minecraft style.

Buildable large LEGO Minecraft Alex action figure with articulated joints and mechanical left arm, as well as a buildable diamond sword and a Minecraft chicken. Every LEGO Minecraft BigFig character is equipped with an adjustment plate.


LEGO Minecraft Buildable Skeleton with Magma Cube (21150)

Pieces: 142; 14.99 Euros

The dynamic Minecraft models provide plenty of construction and fun – for example, this easy to build LEGO Minecraft action figure set “Minecraft BigFig Skeleton with Magma Cube”. Use the skeleton’s bow to fire arrows, poke his helmet up and down, and harass the upper world with the leaping magma cube. When you’re done, you can put this infamous creature in a scary pose and put it on the base plate so all your friends can admire it.

Buildable large LEGO Minecraft skeleton action figure with articulated joints, detachable helmet and Minecraft bow that shoots arrow elements. Also included in the kit is a magma cube to assemble. Every LEGO Minecraft BigFig character is equipped with an adjustment plate.


LEGO Minecraft The Last Battle (21151)

Pieces: 222; 19.99 Euros

Watch your cool new Dragonhunter armor, grab the Ender Pearl, potion and enchanted bow, make an epic journey to the end and get ready for the ultimate Minecraft battle. Defeat the flying dragon’s fireballs, defeat the Enderman, destroy the Ender Crystal, and defeat the Ender Dragon to claim victory in the final battle! Use the included code to unlock a dragon hunter skin in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition of the online game.

The set includes a Dragonhunter minifigure, as well as a Ender Dragon and Enderman figure. This Minecraft toy includes an endangered dragon toy with an Enderman figure and a Minecraft Ender portal with an obsidian pillar and a pop-up Ender crystal. The equipment includes an enchanted bow. The accessories include an Ender Pearl  and a Potion. Also includes a code to unlock a LEGO Dragon Hunter Skins in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition online game.


LEGO Minecraft The Pirate Ship Adventure (21152)

Pieces: 386; 49.99 Euros

Ahoy, sailor! Check out our new, cool Minecraft pirate skin and join Alex in exciting pirate adventures on a Minecraft skull island. Build an awesome pirate ship with gold decorations, pirate flag, catwalk, cannon and even a cute parrot. Load the ship’s cannons and help protect the turtle and its eggs from the roaming zombie. Then grab a map and compass, jump aboard the rowing boat and look for a nice fishing spot – or maybe the friendly dolphin will lead you to a sunken treasure? And if you need a change, you can easily turn this modular set into a great tropical pirate camp.

The set includes 2 minifigures: a pirate and Alex, as well as a Minecraft zombie and one each dolphin, parrot and turtle figure of Minecraft. The set also includes a buildable Minecraft island scene and a toy pirate ship with functioning cannons, golden ornaments, pirate flag, jetty and rowboat. The equipment includes a sword. The accessories include a map, TNT, a fire element base, 2 shovels, a chest, a treasure, a pirate flag, a water bottle, a torch, and a compass.