LEGO Officially Reveals More Powerpuff Girls Sets in August!

Coming in hot from their reveal of the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon (75212) this Valentine’s, LEGO has dropped another reveal to further sweeten our day. Now before we get too excited about this latest news, we should bear in mind that there is not much of a difference with regards to how these minifigures look like as compared to their first debut as part of the last wave of LEGO Dimensions sets. If you recall, we also featured a video where Brian gave us some interesting details on how the upcoming LEGO Powerpuff Girls will look like, describing in detail these sets’ features and the minifigures included in them. However, earlier today, LEGO has finally broken its months-long silence, and finally gave us its first official confirmation of the girls having their own LEGO theme.

The news was shared via LEGO’s Twitter account, announcing the arrival of LEGO Powerpuff Girls sets in August. These sets are rumored to be the LEGO Powerpuff Girls Bubbles’ Playground Showdown (41287) and Mojo Jojo Strikes (41288).  Hopefully, now that we’re just a couple of days away from this weekend’s New York Toy Fair, we’ll get to see how these sets will actually look like, but for now this is what LEGO opted to share.

PowerPuffGirls 5
PowerPuffGirls 4
PowerPuffGirls 2
PowerPuffGirls 3
PowerPuffGirls 1

The LEGO Powerpuff Girls sets will be available beginning August. Set 41287 is said to feature the minifigures of Bubbles, Princess Morbucks, and Octi, while set 41288 will feature everyone’s favorite primate baddie, Mojo Jojo, Blossom, Buttercup, and a brick-built version of the Donny the Unicorn from the new series.

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