LEGO Pencil Pot (40188) Discovered In LEGOLAND Germany

Over the weekend, our friends from Promobricks were in LEGOLAND Germany located in the town of Günzburg, when they spotted an unlikely surprise. During their coverage of LEGOLAND Germany’s Press Conference, they naturally decided to pay a visit to the theme park’s in-house LEGO Store – and one of the things that they discovered was a pretty neat, new LEGO novelty item.

Displayed among the shelves of the LEGO Store there was the never-before-seen LEGO Pencil Pot (40188) that retails for 14.99 Euros. Here are first images of its box art as spotted in the wild.

lego 40188 pencil pot2
Image courtesy of Promobricks.

The Pencil Pot (40188) stands on a 16×16 base plate that can easily pass as a lovely vignette. It features a garage-type build with an open roof, with movable garage gate, door, and windows. It also highlights a flower garden, together with what looks like a new minifigure with a buildable lawn mower and other garden tools and accessories. I like the concept behind this Pencil Pot build, especially the inclusion of a Lawn Mower guy minifig. The box art also suggest that the LEGO Pencil Pot (40188) may also be combined with another LEGO novelty which is the LEGO Picture Frame (40173) from last year, making it a nice tabletop display.

lego 40188 pencil pot4
Image courtesy of Promobricks.

There is no word yet if this is a LEGOLAND Germany exclusive, but I certainly hope that this set will eventually find its way in US shores and other LEGO Stores across the globe. It would be a lovely desktop piece either in the home or in the office, and will be surely  a day 1 purchase for me. Thanks again to Promobricks for the heads up.

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