LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) to be Stocked in LEGO Stores in Northern UK.

LEGO and Star Wars go well hand in hand, and certain items on the LEGO Star Wars line are almost guaranteed to be snapped up by buyers and collectors. All told, there’s no contest that the Millennium Falcon is one of the most popular LEGO sets that are likely to sell out.

This has been the case for the massive Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon set (75912), which has been hounded with availability problems since its September debut, both stateside and overseas.

UCS Falcon 2ucsfalcon

For instance, LEGO Stores in London only got new stocks of set 75912 last week. Now they will begin to trickle up to stores in the northern UK. The first cities outside of London where LEGO and Star Wars fanatics could start their checking for new deliveries are Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle, which had reported no stocks of the UCS Millennium Falcon the week before.

Starting from Monday, November 6 however, LEGO Stores over in Leeds, Sheffield and even Glasgow could eventually start selling the set too. This scarcity of the 75912 set was brought about by the sheer number that went to LEGO VIP members, causing it to sell out in just hours rather than days. UK builders have been very much deprived of the UCS Falcon as a result.


The LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75912) is a monster of a model set, with over 7,000 pieces, near-authentic detail and enough internal space to accommodate its accompanying set of minifigures.

Furthermore, any LEGO Store customer who buys the set before 2017 comes to an end, wherever in the world he may be, will receive a LEGO Star Wars VIP Card along with it. Still, would-be buyers of 75912 will have to expect a frenzy and scarcity for the set during the buildup towards the Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film, coming this December 14 in the UK and the following day in the US.

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