LEGO’s Guinness Record-Holding Largest Brick-Built Wind Turbine Is Heading Over To Brighton, UK.

LEGO bricks have long been a simple, quickly acquirable and popular medium of custom model construction. A lot of monumental ideals – both figuratively and literally – have been realized through the use of sometimes thousands upon thousands of LEGO pieces to erect surprising accurate scale models of buildings over the years.

One recent example of this art is the LEGO reproduction of the Duomo cathedral in Florence, Italy. The LEGO Group itself is an old hand at these large-scale constructions. In fact, one of their builds which currently holds a Guinness World record, will soon be put up for display in Brighton, UK.


This is the all-LEGO wind turbine, one built by LEGO back in May as both an attempt at the Guinness Book of World Records, and a celebration of the company’s early achievement of their target use of 100% renewable energy. LEGO had invested in wind farms in Germany and the UK, as well as solar panels in China, to power their factories and offices in those respective countries.

Originally not slated to be completed until 2020, the early completion of their renewable energy use target spurred The LEGO Group to have a wind turbine built with LEGO bricks at Liverpool.


Said wind turbine, constructed by LEGO Certified Pros Duncan Titmarsh, Georg Schmitt and Balázs Dóczy, used up 146,000 LEGO blocks (the Duomo model only had 20,000), and is now recognized by Guinness as the largest wind turbine made out of LEGOs.

720LEGO wind turbine w childrenBBE

After some time on display at Liverpool (close to the wind farm invested on by LEGO), the turbine will be moved from its original site (depicted in our pictures) to the seaside resort of Brighton in East Sussex County. For those in the area, and tourists too, they will be able to see the LEGO wind turbine at its new location in Park Square, ate Brighton Marina.

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