LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary New Edition Arriving in 2019

On the print media front, LEGO has done much to cultivate partnerships with several of publishing lines like Dorling-Kindersley or DK. Through them came a number of LEGO reference books, most especially the Visual Dictionaries that were handy info books for identifying sets and minifigures from various tie-in LEGO-licensed franchises. The fact that new LEGO sets and minifigures, and reissues of old ones, happen quite regularly, means  said visual dictionaries need updating every few years or so, and next on the revamp is the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary New Edition which is slated to arrive next year.

It would be the second reissue of the visual dictionary for LEGO Star Wars by DK in its entire print run. The original book debuted in 2009, and DK released an “Updated and Expanded” edition only four years ago, in 2014. By the time the “New Edition” comes out, five years would have already passed.

LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary New Edition

The new content joining the update of the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary New Edition will be rather obvious since the Star Wars sequel trilogy began showing after 2014. Models of Poe Dameron’s X-Wing, and minifigure details on Rey and Kylo Ren are obvious additions for it. What could probably be the book’s main selling point could be the exclusive LEGO Star Wars minifigure that traditionally goes along with this.

LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary New Edition

We can expect the DK LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary New Edition to come out at bookstores by April 1, 2019. And that’s no April Fools’ joke since its already listed in Amazon with the pre-order offers still pending.  Be sure to check with Amazon every once in a while to see when this latest LEGO DK book will up for pre-order.


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