LEGO Heroes: LEGO Builders Changing Our World Now Available via Amazon

Author Graham Hancock has launched an inspiring new LEGO-inspired book that delves into the incredible stories of individuals using LEGO to conquer life’s most significant hurdles. In his book entitled LEGO Heroes, readers are taken on a captivating journey through the power of imagination, showcasing how people from diverse backgrounds and age groups have harnessed the LEGO System in Play to triumph over challenges in various fields such as technology, sustainability, education, and more.

With both Kindle and hardcover versions available, this remarkable book is now accessible to all through the renowned platform, Amazon. Here are four reasons why it’s worth it to add this new LEGO book to your collection.

LEGO Heroes – Explore Technological Marvels

lego heroes

Delve into the exciting world of technological innovation, where LEGO enthusiasts have demonstrated the immense potential of this beloved toy. Discover how individuals have ingeniously integrated LEGO bricks into their projects, paving the way for groundbreaking creations that push the boundaries of what is possible. From intricate robots to impressive machinery, LEGO Heroes showcases how these builders have transformed their ideas into tangible realities, inspiring others to follow suit.

LEGO Heroes – Be Encouraged to Build a Sustainable Future

lego heroes 6

Witness the remarkable efforts of individuals who harness LEGO as a tool for sustainability. These visionary thinkers recognize the importance of preserving our planet and have ingeniously utilized LEGO bricks to construct eco-friendly solutions. From innovative models depicting renewable energy sources to sustainable architecture, LEGO Heroes highlights the powerful impact of combining creativity and environmental consciousness, inspiring readers to embrace sustainable practices in their own lives.

LEGO Heroes – See How LEGO Empowers Learning through Play

lego heroes

Education takes center stage in this chapter as LEGO Heroes demonstrates how learning can be engaging and fun. Explore the innovative ways educators and learners have incorporated LEGO into classrooms worldwide, transforming the educational landscape. From stimulating problem-solving skills to fostering teamwork and creativity, LEGO Heroes reveals the vast potential of integrating play-based learning methodologies. Discover how LEGO bricks have become indispensable tools in shaping future generations, making education an enjoyable journey for all.

LEGO Heroes – Read Inspiring Stories of Triumph

lego heroes

LEGO Heroes is also dedicated to awe-inspiring stories of individuals who have overcome personal challenges and obstacles, fueled by the power of LEGO. Witness how these remarkable heroes have turned adversity into triumph, using LEGO bricks as their medium for expression and resilience. From individuals battling illnesses to those conquering social barriers, LEGO Heroes celebrates the indomitable human spirit and the remarkable impact LEGO can have in transforming lives.


In a world brimming with challenges, LEGO Heroes offers a beacon of hope, illustrating the boundless possibilities that arise when creativity, innovation, and perseverance converge. This extraordinary book captivates readers of all ages, inspiring them to view LEGO not just as a toy, but as a catalyst for change.

Whether you’re a long-time LEGO enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of bricks, LEGO Heroes is a must-read that showcases the incredible potential within each of us to conquer life’s obstacles. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary collection of stories and unlock the limitless power of LEGO.

Order your copy today by clicking on the following affiliate link below.

LEGO Heroes: LEGO® Builders Changing Our World―One Brick at a Time

Kindle: $8.49 | Hardcover: $16.67

lego heroes

LEGO® Heroes is a collection of twelve remarkable​ stories featuring everyday heroes using the LEGO® system in innovative ways to solve global challenges.

Meet twelve visionary builders from around the globe who have turned LEGO® play into life-altering innovations through immense curiosity, creativity, passion, and a handful of LEGO bricks. From a wheelchair for an injured turtle to customized prosthetic arms to lab research for coral reef preservation, each chapter showcases individuals of all ages and backgrounds who have applied the LEGO System in Play to solve some of life’s greatest challenges in the fields of technology, sustainability, education, and more. With inspiring messages of imagination and problem-solving through play, readers will be moved by this heartwarming celebration of people who are changing the world . . . one brick at a time.

LEGO, the LEGO logo, and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2023 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved.

MORE THAN A TOY: LEGO®Heroes takes a new and unique look at the worlds’ most beloved toy. These innovators of all ages are finding real-world applications for LEGO bricks to make the world a better place.

GREAT GIFT FOR AFOLs: Adult-fans-of-LEGO® will love this fascinating collection of stories about their favorite pastime. With interesting tidbits and moving takeaways, this book will inspire LEGO® fans to use their building knowledge in a new, life-changing way.

BELOVED BRAND: For decades, the LEGO® brand has inspired billions of people to stretch the limits of their imaginations. This book captures the long-standing boundless imagination, creativity, innovation, and care at the heart of the LEGO® brand.

LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia New Edition Now Up for Pre-Order

Following the listing of the new LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary over at Amazon, the wizarding world of Harry Potter also gets its own LEGO book in the likes of the LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia New Edition.

LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia New Edition

Explore the Wizarding World in LEGO form like never before with this 200-page guide, filled with vibrant and detailed images of your favorite characters. From the Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter, to the dark and menacing Lord Voldemort, the guide features all the popular minifigures of the LEGO Harry Potter theme and many more.

The New Edition is all set to release on July 4, 2023, in both hardcover and paperback versions, and is priced at $21.99 and $19.79, respectively.

What’s New in the LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia New Edition?

This latest edition features a brand-new exclusive minifigure – Rita Skeeter. This character has been on the wishlist of LEGO Harry Potter fans for a long time, and now it’s finally here.

LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia New Edition

The LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia New Edition also includes updated entries and images of the characters, with detailed descriptions of their backgrounds and personalities. Additionally, the book provides insights into the making of the LEGO Harry Potter minifigures and the design process that went into creating them.

Check out the official product description for this latest LEGO book offering and be sure to pre-order yours today by clicking on the affiliate link below.

LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia New Edition

Whether wizards, Muggles, friends, or foes, find out about all your favorite Hogwarts students and teachers, as well as creatures and other characters. Meet Harry’s friends Ron, Hermione, and Ginny; Hogwarts’ teachers including Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall, and Sprout; plus, Hagrid, Dobby, and other popular characters from the Wizarding World.

Discover all the most popular LEGO Harry Potter minifigures as well as rare and unique minifigures you may never have seen before in the LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia – the ultimate handbook for fans of LEGO Harry Potter.

lego harry potter character encyclopedia 7

LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia New Edition

lego harry potter character encyclopedia 5

lego harry potter character encyclopedia 4

lego harry potter character encyclopedia 3

lego harry potter character encyclopedia 2


LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary Now Available for Pre-Order via Amazon

Earlier this month, we had a glimpse of the new 2023 LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary published by Dorling Kindersley Limited. And like other LEGO books before it, this latest LEGO DK offering comes with an exclusive LEGO Marvel Iron Man Armor Model 64 minifigure. For those of you familiar with the comics, the Iron Man Armor Model 64 was created by Valerio Schiti for Marvel which made its debut back in 2019.

LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary

This comprehensive guide to all things LEGO Marvel is packed with detailed information and vivid imagery. Measuring 12″ x 10″, this hardcover book features 160 pages of content that covers everything from the most popular Marvel characters to the lesser-known but lovable heroes and villains. With detailed profiles of each character rendered in LEGO form, readers can learn about their backstories, powers, and relationships with other characters in the LEGO Marvel universe.

Pre-orders are available via Amazon, which will be released on September 19, 2023, and at a retail price of $24.99. With its exclusive Iron Man minifigure and extensive content, the LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary is sure to be a must-have for LEGO Marvel collectors.

What’s inside the LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary?

The LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary is jam-packed with features that will keep the LEGO Marvel in you hooked for hours. Here are some of the book’s highlights:

  • Detailed profiles of over 200 characters: The book covers all of the most popular Marvel characters, from Spider-Man and the X-Men to the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. But it also includes profiles of lesser-known characters, like Moon Knight and Squirrel Girl.
  • Exclusive Iron Man minifigure: The book comes with an exclusive Iron Man minifigure that is not available anywhere else. The Iron Man Armor Model 64 is a must-have for any Iron Man fan.
  • A more detailed look at LEGO Marvel sets: The book features a comprehensive look at some of the largest and most popular LEGO Marvel sets around such as 2015’s The SHIELD Helicarrier (76042) and 2019’s version of GOTG’s Milano as seen in Thanos: Ultimate Battle (76107).

Check out some of the pages that you can find in this latest LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary offering.

LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary

LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary 7

LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary

LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary 6

LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary

LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary 5


Check Out This List of Upcoming LEGO Books Over at Amazon

If you’re into collecting LEGO books (and the exclusive minifigures that go with them), chances are, you already have your sights on the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter: Magical Year at Hogwarts and LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary 2023 books. And in case you need to know, there are more LEGO books over at Amazon that you can now pre-order today. Check out this list of upcoming LEGO-inspired books, including some that also come with LEGO pieces and exclusive minifigures.

Feel free to add these LEGO books over at Amazon to your wishlist or pre-order them today to secure your copy. You may click on their respective affiliate links below, where every purchase you make through these links allows us to earn a small commission.

Upcoming LEGO Books Over at Amazon

LEGO Ideas on the Go

$16.99 | Comes with exclusive mini-model | This title will be released on May 2, 2023. 

LEGO books over at Amazon

A fun collection of more than 50 vacation-themed ideas for LEGO models to inspire young builders on the go.

Grab your LEGO collection and go on a great adventure!

Explore the world with your LEGO bricks—whether it is a trip to the park, an epic camping weekend, or your dream family vacation. Bring your LEGO bricks along for the ride or use them to imagine a LEGO vacation.

Play games around the campfire, build Rocky Mountains to climb, or imagine dense jungles to trek through. Be inspired by nature and build animals and ecosystems. Take your minifigures on an exploration to discover more about the world around you. Plus there are plenty of fun ideas and games for a stay-cation, too—no adventure is too small for a minifigure!

With more than 50 new LEGO ideas, you’ll have everything you need for a LEGO adventure on the go!


The Big Book of LEGO Facts

$24.99 | This title will be released on May 2, 2023.

the big book of lego facts

An updated edition of the must-have guide to trivia about the LEGO world, featuring the latest facts and images.

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about bricks and minifigures with stacks of LEGO facts!

Did you know that 68,000 LEGO pieces are created every minute? Or that The LEGO Group is one of the biggest manufacturers of tires in the world? This must-have guide for LEGO fans of every age is crammed full of fascinating LEGO trivia. From the first brick to the latest record-breaking build, discover everything there is to know about the LEGO world.


LEGO Amazing Earth: Fantastic Building Ideas and Facts About Our Planet

$19.99 | This title will be released on August 8, 2023.

LEGO books over at Amazon

A whistle-stop tour of the most amazing features and places on planet Earth, illustrated with LEGO models, including tips for budding LEGO builders

Explore our amazing planet – and learn to build the most incredible things on Earth!

There is so much to see on planet Earth. From the rainforest canopy to the deepest depths of the Pacific Ocean, discover plants, animals, and the geological features that make up our planet. Travel the continents and look inside volcanoes, mountains, geysers, and much more. Visit the Amazon, check out the world’s tallest waterfall, and explore the most incredible places on the planet without leaving home. With more than 100 LEGO models to inspire you, what on Earth will you build?


How to Build LEGO Animals: Go on a Journey to Become a Better Builder

$14.99 | This title will be released on August 15, 2023.

how to build lego animals

Discover how to build your own awesome LEGO Animals!

Be inspired by 30 incredible LEGO animals, from a roaring lion to a multi-colored turtle.

Embark on an imaginative building journey as the models get more challenging through the book.

Each animal idea is broken down into three, four, or five important building steps.

Learn essential building techniques to create claws and teeth, legs and tails, textures and colors, and much more, for your wonderful creations.

You can build anything!


The LEGO Holiday Games Book

$19.99 | Comes with 60 LEGO pieces | This title will be released on September 19, 2023.

LEGO books over at Amazon

Build in some time for festive fun with the whole family!

With more than 50 all-new winter holiday-themed games and activities, there is something to keep everyone entertained during the whole festive season. Grab this book and your LEGO bricks and get ready for a jolly time at ho-ho-home with your friends and family! Comes with 60 bricks to help you play the games in the book.


LEGO Ninjago Secret World of the Ninja New Edition

$19.99 | Includes an exclusive LEGO Ninjago minifigure | This title will be released on October 3, 2023.

secret world of ninha

Step into the action-packed world of LEGO NINJAGO and discover everything there is to know about the legendary Ninja!

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the NINJA? Join Lloyd and the Ninja on an amazing journey of discovery. Learn the truth about the Ninja’s incredible powers. Uncover secrets about mysterious locations. Revisit ancient history and fierce battles. Get up close with great vehicles, mighty mechs, fantastic dragons, and much more in this must-have guide to the NINJAGO world.


LEGO Space: 1978-1992

$49.99 | This title will be released on October 17, 2023.

LEGO books over at Amazon

An oversized full-color hardcover volume exploring the birth and early life of LEGO® Space—the iconic toy line that inspired imagination and exploration the world over!

LEGO toys have sparked creativity and joy for generations, delighting families with every new connection. Now, LEGOSpace: 1978–1992 explores the latter half of the twentieth century through the lens of LEGO Space—illuminating the brand’s history alongside the popular culture and world events that helped to shape it. This collection includes statistics and trivia for each set from across nearly two decades, fascinating insights into the LEGO Group as a company, and celebrations of the talented designers who helped to create each essential piece and kit.

This gorgeous chronicle is perfect for LEGO fans and builders of all ages, and will excite any reader with an interest in the fascinating history of the peerless and classic building toy!


LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary 2023 Arriving in September

Following the reveal of the upcoming book LEGO Harry Potter: Magical Year at Hogwarts, New Zealand online store Mighty Ape just listed another new LEGO book that will come with an exclusive LEGO Marvel minifigure. The LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary 2023 is now available for pre-order, with a release date of September 5, 2023, in NZ.

Published by multinational book publisher Dorling Kindersley Limited, this latest DK offering follows the tradition of LEGO books that offered exclusive minifigures such as the LEGO DC Comics Superheroes (with a free Yellow Lantern Batman minifig) from 2018, and the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary (with a free Finn minifigure) from 2019.

The LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary 2023 is expected to retail for $30, with the option to pre-order it at the Mighty Ape online store. I’ll update this post once this newest LEGO book is available over at Amazon.

LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary 2023

Expected to retail for $30 | This product will be released on September 5, 2023.

LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary 2023

Product Description

With an exclusive minifigure, this expansive visual dictionary showcases the exciting world of LEGO Marvel in unparalleled detail Jump into the action-packed LEGO Marvel multiverse with DK’s latest Visual Dictionary, complete with an exclusive minifigure. Discover everything you need to know about the latest sets, vehicles, and minifigures. See every detail of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s spaceship, explore Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, examine the advanced vehicles of Wakanda, discover Spider-Man’s most dastardly villains, and find out about your favorite LEGO Marvel minifigures – from Black Panther to The Scarlet Witch. Meet all the iconic LEGO Marvel characters and learn about their allies, villains, skills, vehicles, and locations.

LEGO Harry Potter: Magical Year at Hogwarts Now Available for Pre-Order at Amazon

LEGO book publisher Ameet has just revealed another LEGO book that Harry Potter fans may want to pre-order as early as today. The LEGO Harry Potter: Magical Year at Hogwarts is the next LEGO book that also comes with buildable LEGO pieces to create magical mini-builds. Plus, it’s a great way to instantly have not one, but three LEGO Harry Potter minifigures.

Retailing for $25 over at Amazon, the LEGO Harry Potter: Magical Year at Hogwarts includes the minifigure versions of Harry, Ron, and Hermione during their first years at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

In addition to the exciting mini-builds and pop-up play dioramas, the book also features fun facts and anecdotes about the iconic school of magic. First-time LEGO Harry Potter collectors will also find this book helpful as they discover the mysteries of Hogwarts and learn more about the fascinating teachers, spells, and magical creatures that inhabit the wizarding world.

You may click on the following affiliate link below if you wish to pre-order this book today. Read on for more details about this book, and let me know in the comments below if this is something you’re looking forward to.

LEGO Harry Potter: Magical Year at Hogwarts (Hardcover)

$24.99 | Available for pre-order and will be released on October 1, 2023

lego harry potter magical year at hogwarts

A brand-new format featuring 3 minifigures, mini-builds, and a pop-up diorama provides hours of interactive play in the world of LEGO® Harry Potter™!

Lead your favorite LEGO® Harry Potter™ characters through a year at Hogwarts™ with this amazing new activity box format. Featuring 3 minifigures (Harry, Ron, and Hermione), mini-builds, and a pop-up play diorama, this new format allows you to experience a magical school year from the time students board the Hogwarts Express in the fall, to when they return home for a summer holiday. Also features a book with fun facts and anecdotes that will help readers discover the mysteries of Hogwarts including the fascinating teachers, amazing spells, a house tournament, and other special school moments!

New format includes 3 LEGO® Harry Potter™ minifigures (Harry, Ron, and Hermione), minibuilds, and an amazing pop-up diorama for hours of imaginative and interactive play
Contains a book with fun facts and stories that encourage creative play
Makes the perfect gift for Christmas or any time of year―a great holiday gift for boys and girls, Christmas stocking stuffer, family activity gift, or birthday gift for kids ages 6 and up

LEGO Star Wars “Awesome Vehicles” from DK Coming in June; Free Poe Minifig Now with Accessory

It feels like a while since we covered a new LEGO book from DK Publishing. A new volume of picture-laden books from them is always welcome, quite naturally. Not only have DK LEGO books been cool visual references, their extra goodies are highly sought after too. They tend to be uncommon or rare minifigure variants inside every DK volume’s hardcover. And this latest book, themed for LEGO Star Wars, carries on that fine tradition. In fact, Amazon listed it already as early as July last year, for release this 2022. The thing is, that was April 2022, but this new date’s for a bit later.

As told by Brick Fanatics, the DK-published LEGO Star Wars “Awesome Vehicles” is now available for preorder ahead of release. On the official DK site, the availability’s now listed at June 7, 2022. That’s about two months after the original release date teased in 2021. One other change is with the free minifig in the hardbound cover. It’s still Poe Dameron from the “Star Wars” Sequel Trilogy, only this time he’s armed with a blaster. “Awesome Vehicles” comes from veteran DK LEGO book author Simon Hugo. We can rest assured it’ll be both Age-6+-focused but still all-ages-friendly in content relevance.

dk legostarwars amazingvehicles 01

Poe being the free minifig for LEGO Star Wars “Awesome Vehicles” makes sense. He’s the “host” for the book, providing guides and trivia bits for the many LEGO Star Wars sets featured. The volume’s quite a deal with its $19.99 SRP. Preorders are available, as before, from Amazon and major platforms like Barnes & Noble

LEGO Publisher AMEET Teases “Your Galactic Mission” Read-and-Play Book

LEGO is such an expansive brand that expanding into multimedia was a given. Before the rise of the animated series and films however, there were the LEGO books. These print media were handled by a variety of publishers like DK. But one label holds the distinction of being the official LEGO publisher: AMEET. Over the years AMEET has rolled out exciting storybooks featuring LEGO’s various themes and licensed IPs. Besides the conventional-narrative books, they also feature “novelty” books. These combine storybook with exclusive set pieces and minifigures for young readers to build. Their recent 2022 book-release catalog actually teases one upcoming novelty book that’s out-of-this-world.

ameet lego yourgalacticmission 1

Brick Fanatics reports that AMEET plans to release “LEGO: Your Galactic Mission” in Q3 of 2022. This novelty book is a “read-and-play” kit featuring an interactive storybook plus LEGO pieces. These pieces can be used to build the creatures and vehicles readers will encounter in the book. Like other read-and-plays, “Your Galactic Mission” puts readers in the role of the story’s hero. Here, a space explorer must protect the planet Aurora from the invading Cyber-Cobra. He decides how, by building his pick of vehicle or machine from the book’s cards.

ameet lego yourgalacticmission 2

AMEET and LEGO put together this great novelty book via the latter’s Creative Play Lab. They even tested it on family reading groups, so one can be sure “Your Galactic Mission” will be genuinely fun. This is but one of many LEGO books coming from AMEET throughout this year. Expect from them titles for LEGO City and Ninjago, and franchises DC and “Jurassic World” too.

“LEGO DC Character Encyclopedia New Edition” Features Free Exclusive Val-Zod Superman Minifigure

LEGO visual encyclopedias produced by UK publisher DK tend to release new editions every few years. That’s only natural. LEGO constantly releases new sets and minifigure characters that need referencing sooner or later. So why bother buying new volumes of the technically the same LEGO books? How about the exclusive minifigs you get from the cover? In the case of DK’s LEGO DC Visual Dictionary/Character Encyclopedia, their exclusives tend to be uncommon DC characters. Said characters tend to be variants of well-established DC superheroes. The upcoming LEGO DC Character Encyclopedia – New Edition is no exception. What a deep comic-book cut their exclusive cover minifigure is.


According to Brick Fanatics, buyers of the new LEGO DC Character Encyclopedia from DK can get a rare Val-Zod minifig. In simple terms, Val-Zod is Superman in DC Comics’ Earth-2 continuity. For a more detailed explanation, this is Earth-2 as established in DC’s “New 52” franchise revamp/”reboot” in 2011. Val-Zod is another Kryptonian survivor: an orphan cared for by Jor-El and a friend of Kara Zor-El (Supergirl). He is of the same family as classic Superman foe General Zod, but explaining that will take too much time. But don’t worry. Val-Zod earned being called Superman.

The minifigure’s design capture’s Val-Zod’s most iconic looks as bearer of the Superman title in his Earth-2 continuity. One reason for him getting a LEGO minifig might be early franchise promotion. You see, HBO Max is developing a streaming series about Val-Zod. As for the LEGO DC Character Encyclopedia – New Edition, it’s priced at $21.99 and due to release in May next year. Amazon preorders are now available.

“LEGO Minifigure: A Visual History (New Edition)” Gets Black Friday Pricing on Amazon

Early in 2020, before the pandemic exploded, a new LEGO visual book from DK Publishing got listed on Amazon. “LEGO Minifigure: A Visual History (New Edition)” would release later, in October that year. As is the fashion with LEGO publications, the book included a free collectible minifig. It was the classic LEGO spaceman (Benny if you’ve seen The Movie) in an orange spacesuit. LEGO fans fascinated with the brand’s iconic minifigure characters would appreciate the visual references, updated since 1978. The “Minifigure Visual History” remains available today. And considering Black Friday, Amazon has seen fit to give a nice discount.

orange lego classic space minifig

According to The Brick Fan, a hardcover copy of “LEGO Minifigure: A Visual History (New Edition)” is now $21.66. That’s $18.34 in savings from the original $40 price on Amazon. Who can say no to an update for one’s LEGO reference library? It does boast detailed info on no less than 2,000 individual minifig designs, from the retro to current-gen characters. Benny the spaceman all the way to Team Ninjago get representation alongside licensed-IP crews. If you’ve held off on getting this, then Amazon’s Black Friday sale’s the best time.