LEGO Technic Fans Will Receive A Commemorative 40th Anniversary Beam In Each 2017 Technic Set.

This year marks four decades of the LEGO Technic theme, and similar to how LEGO celebrates its 10th year of modular building with the Assembly Square (10255), TLG have come up with a special way of remembering the Technic line in each of its upcoming 2017 set. We’ve seen the first wave of LEGO Technic sets slated for 2017, and with it comes a 40th anniversary commemorative 1×3 beam with the numbers “40 1977-2017” and the iconic gear wheel element.



Each 2017 Technic set will have this exclusive piece, and will be prominently shown on its box. Take a look at the Stunt Truck 42059 for example, and see if you can spot the logo on the box, and the actual commemorative beam on its build.



There are still a handful of 2017 LEGO Technic sets waiting to be revealed and I hope that LEGO will also come up with a kind of a special, commemorative set to mark the occasion. It will be great if they can re-launch one of their vintage sets from the 70s – that is one great way of celebrating one of LEGO’s longest themes. Well, the AFOL in me can only wish.

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