2017 LEGO Creator and LEGO Junior Official Images Now Availalble Online.

LEGO seems to be gearing up for the holiday seasons since these official images from the 2017 LEGO Creator and LEGO Juniors theme has been recently uploaded to their servers hinting at the possibility of their availability just in time for Christmas via shop.LEGO.com. Hot off of the heels of their 2017 LEGO Friends, Technic, Nexo Knights, and City reveals, LEGO now gives us a peek on their latest 3-in-1 Creator sets, and several LEGO Juniors sets, that are equally impressive. I personally prefer the Mighty Dinosaurs (31058) and the Fire Patrol Suitcase (10740) over the rest of the sets, but given that there is still a lot that TLG has to reveal, I am willing to hold on to my horses for a while.


2017 LEGO Creator

Green Cruiser (31056)

31056_alt1 31056_alt2 31056-1 31056_alt4 31056_alt3


Air Blazer (31057)

31057_alt1 31057_alt2 31057-1 31057_alt3 31057_alt4


Mighty Dinosaurs (31058)

31058_alt1 31058_alt2 31058-1 31058_alt3 31058_alt4


Sunset Street Bike (31059)

31059_alt1 31059_alt3 31059_alt4 31059-1 31059_alt2


Airshow Aces (31060)

31060_alt1 31060_alt2 31060_alt5 31060_alt4 31060_alt3 31060-1 31060_alt6



2017 LEGO Juniors

Demolition Site (10734)


10734_alt2 10734_alt3 10734_alt4 10734_alt5 10734_alt6  10734_alt10 10734_alt910734_alt1


Police Truck Chase (10735)

10735-1 10735_alt4 10735_alt2 10735_alt6 10735_alt1


Fire Patrol Suitcase (10740)

10740-1 10740_alt4 10740_alt2 10740_alt6 10740_alt8 10740_alt1

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