LEGO Technic Summer 2018 Official Set Images Released (Finally)

Following the official release of the latest LEGO Powerpuff Girls, Star Wars, and Minecraft set images, now comes the announcement of four LEGO Technic sets all scheduled for an August 1st release. Knowledge about these sets was floating around the internet and LEGO fan forums since December last year, with even one of the sets placed on display during a Russian Toy Fair. So it’s a relief to finally see their set images up close.

Finally, it’s no longer a secret as we now have these official, crisp images to behold. Fans of the LEGO Technic theme will be excited to see the Rough Terrain Crane in action in all its 4,000 pieces of glorious LEGO pieces and new LEGO Power Functions 2.0. For now, check out these images and let them do the talking.


Heavy Duty Forklift (42079)

592 pieces | Age 9+

69.99 (USD) 89.99 (CAD)

42079 Prod



Forest Machine (42080)

1003 pieces | Age 10+

149.99 (USD) 179.99 (CAD)

42080 Prod



Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX (42081)

1167 pieces | Age 10+

139.99 (USD) 179.99 (CAD)

 42081 Prod



Rough Terrain Crane (42082)

4057 pieces | Age 11+

299.99 (USD) 349.99 (CAD)

42082 Prod

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