LEGO Turns ‘The Hands Of Time’ With Its Latest 2017 Ninjago Sets.

We had a teaser of what lies ahead for our teenage Ninjas during this year’s San Diego Comic Con last July, and with LEGO hinting at the gang’s next adventure with its new season entitled ‘The Hands of Time’, we now have a clearer idea on how their next story will unfold. Thanks once again to Hoth Bricks, we now have our official images for LEGO Ninjago’s 2017 sets and they look super sleek together with their latest bunch of slithering baddies. I suspect that LEGO has thrown in a little bit of time travel in this Season 7 of Ninjago which focuses on the lives of Kai, Nya, and their parents. With what seems to be an assortment of jungle-dwelling vermillion creatures in their ancient armor designs, these latest sets may suggest that our heroes are off in a different time period. The nefarious and intimidating look of their latest nemesis as seen in the Dawn of Iron Doom 70626 set is pretty spot on. This is one set that will enter my wishlist for next year. Let’s have a look at the rest of the sets.


The Vermillion Attack (70621)

70621 70621_alt1 


Desert Lightning (70622)

70622 70622_alt1


Destiny’s Shadow (70623)

70623 70623_alt1


Vermillion Invader (70624)

70624 70624_alt1


Samurai VXL (70625)

70625 70625_alt1


Dawn of Iron Doom (70626)

70626 70626_alt1


Dragon’s Forge (70627)

70627 70627_alt1

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