LOOK: New The LEGO Batman Movie Official Images!

It’s all ‘black and yellow’ as LEGO reveals its latest official images for The LEGO Batman Movie sets including their impressive box arts, courtesy of Brick Heroes.  This is a very much welcomed reveal, especially with the confirmation of the Caped Crusader’s much awaited villains in their minifig forms: Kiteman, Calendarman, Magpie, Zebraman, and Tarantula. We now know how Killer Croc looks like in his new bigfig figure which is more impressive and detailed than his first one in Killer Croc: Sewer Smash (76055). I’m a little disappointed with how Clayface turned out in Clayface Splat Attack (70904) since I imagined his brick-built version to be more similar to his theatrical version as teased on the movie’s poster. But overall, the sets and their corresponding box arts are totally worth the keeps. We still have two sets waiting to be officially revealed, namely Scarecrow’s Special Delivery (70910) and Penguin’s Limo (70911), though several pictures of the former as seen from the box art, has been making its rounds over forums and fan sites. Thanks also to the Brick Fan for pointing this out.


The Joker Balloon Escape (70900)

70900 70900_alt1


Mr. Freeze Ice Attack (70901)

70901 70901_alt1


Catwoman Catcycle Chase (70902)

70902 70902_alt1


The Riddler Riddle Racer (70903)

70903 70903_alt1


Clayface Splat Attack (70904)

70904 70904_alt1


The Batmobile (70905)

70905 70905_alt1


The Joker Notorious Lowrider (70906)

70906 70906_alt1


Killer Croc Tail-Gator (70907)

70907 70907_alt1


The Scuttler (70908)

70908 70908_alt1


Batcave Break-In (70909)

70909 70909_alt1

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