LEGO Unikitty Collectible Minifigures (41775) Confirmed at the 2018 Nuremberg Toy Fair.

Earlier last January, we reported that a new LEGO theme will be released this June following the debut of Unikitty’s TV series over at Cartoon Network. This time around, the titular unicorn/slash posh kitten will now have a Collectible Minifigure Series of her own, as announced during this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair. Thanks to Zusammengebaut, who has been covering the event of Germany’s grandest toy fair, we now have a firsthand account that LEGO has indeed confirmed the availability of the LEGO Unikitty Collectible Minifigure series (41775).

unikitty feels

This latest CMF series is slated to arrive sometime in August, and will retail for 3.99 Euros per blind bag. Speaking about the series’ blind bags, Andres of Zusammengebaut further describes that this CMF will be a little hard, if not close to impossible of distinguishing one from each other, given that there are 12 colored variants of Unikitty to collect. It’s like feeling your way through the LEGO DFB series blind bags, with only the hairpieces having some distinguishable marks. There were also rumors that the LEGO Unikitty CMF may also bear a sort of resemblance to the now discontinued LEGO Mixels with regards to being brick-built characters rather than actual minifigures. However, given the ‘blocky’ features of the show’s characters, it is highly possible to see LEGO Unikitty CMF characters be made up of several LEGO pieces – after all, Unikitty herself is made up of 14 LEGO elements. I just hope that beyond the 12 Unikitty variants, LEGO will throw in additional characters from the CN series, since its kind of unusual for LEGO to offer a limited CMF with only 12 characters in it.

unikittycn 1

One thing that wasn’t mentioned yet from Nuremberg is that as far as Zussemengebaut is concerned, the confirmation of 5 LEGO sets under the Unikitty theme (sets 41451, 41452, 41453, 41454, and 41455), including  two Cartoon Network inspired sets earlier reported by Brick Show Brian, is still yet to be heard. As a last note, since the LEGO Unikitty CMF is slated to be released in August, it will be quite a while before we see any official images from this set circulating the internet.

Thanks again to Andres Lehmann of Zusammengebaut for keeping us posted.

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