LEGO VIP Star Wars Escape the Space Slug Sweepstakes Ends on Force Friday!

For those of you who have missed out on this May the 4th LEGO Star Wars exclusive, here’s your chance (read: probably last) to win the elusive “Escape the Space Slug” set. It was previously given to all LEGO VIP customers who made a purchase of $150 worth of LEGO Star Wars merchandise from April 30 to May 4 of this year. But with only 3,500 sets ever released to over 120 LEGO stores worldwide, it is clearly obvious that the demand for this exclusive collectible will be on a very high scale.

Image courtesy of Promobricks.

In honor of Star Wars Force Friday, LEGO has offered another chance for die-hard LEGO VIP Star Wars collectors to have the iconic Star Wars Episode V scene recreated in its official LEGO form. The LEGO VIP Star Wars Escape the Space Slug Sweepstakes entry period has officially started last September 15 and will eventually end tomorrow during Force Friday, September 30 at 11:59PM EST. So if you’re eyeing to have the Space Slug donning your LEGO Star Wars collections, then this is probably your last chance to do so. There are only 120 sets that will be released throughout the US and Canada so I can just imagine how valuable it can be later on. Take a look at these images of this prized set courtesy of Promobricks.

space_slug_review_9-600x544 space_slug_review_8-600x356   space_slug_review_6-600x284 space_slug_review_7-600x416

There are two ways to join the sweepstakes: first, if you’re looking forward to purchase the rebooted LEGO Star Wars UCS Death Star (75159) before the sweepstakes period expires tomorrow, your purchase will automatically qualify you for a raffle entry to join.

Alternatively, in order to join without making any purchases, you may send in an email to with the following information:

• Write “LEGO Star Wars™ Escape the Space Slug™ Sweepstakes” in the subject line
• First and Last Name
• Email Address
• VIP Card Number

Understandably, there is a limit on the entries that a VIP member can submit: one entry per VIP member, regardless of how the entry is made. Multiple product purchases will not result in additional entries, and will not increase your chances of winning.

You may check out the rest of the LEGO VIP Star Wars Escape the Space Slug Sweepstakes terms and conditions right here. May the Force be with you!

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